Blue Blobs

Sunday started off just like any other weekend morning.

Wait, who am I kidding? No it didn't!

The husband is a saint and usually lets me sleep in on the weekend. For example, Saturday, I slept until close to noon. Go ahead. Be jealous!

The same thing would have happened yesterday, but I had to be up early.

Long story short, I participate in a children's resale event twice a year. In order to bring home 70% percent of my profits instead of 60%, I volunteer during the sale. Sunday morning was my volunteer time. Doing a 9am to 12 shift seemed like a good idea at the time. As if getting up at 8am wasn't hard enough, my body thought it was a good idea to also wake up at 5am. And 6am. And 7am. I should have known right there that the day wouldn't go as planned.

Other than being a lot of work, my shift went well. When I returned home, everything and everyone were as they should be. And then he said it.

"Mom, do you like my creation?"

Oh, crap!

Little Dude had built something out of Legos. He did a very good job. Except his creation was sticking out of a blob of silly putty. I'm not sure why it's called silly putty. It's not your average silly putty that you can squish on a newspaper.

Like this...

Silly putty

It's shiny and slimy and gross. It looks like a bog blob of blue snot. And to make matters worse? The boy stuck an eraser right in the middle of the blob and then lost the container.

I got all the pieces out of the blue blob and back into the container that he thankfully found. I thought this was the last speed bump that I would hit for the day. Oh how wrong I was!

A few hours later we are at my in-laws. The husband just had a birthday and we were getting ready to go out for dinner. That's when I looked down and saw it.

A blue blob of snotty looking putty in his hair.

What not to do with silly putty

There was more scattered through out his hair.
This is just where the bulk of it was.

There was no way I could comb it out of his hair. It took a bribe for me to remove a hangnail from the boy's finger the previous day. This would be a lot worse! I really didn't want to cut his hair because he's trying to grow his yearly mohawk. But if I had to, I would do it.

Thankfully with some shampoo and warm water, I got it out. There were some tears involved, but it's out.

However, my relief was short lived. While I was walking across the living room to hang some coats up, I noticed tiny gelatinous blobs of blue throughout our green carpet.

Why do boys do these things?! It's not just mine, right?

Until next time....


Kmama said...

Haha!! I'm always wondering how my kids get paint on their bodies. I mean, don't they have a shirt on when they paint at school???

Liz Mays said...

We didn't have putty in the hair, but gum, yes. That was a nightmare too!

You're not alone with these boy escapades.

Amy said...

Oh know. I put gum in my hair when I was young as we were playing hide the gum. Oops!!!

PythonKatie said...

I have been deemed the mean mom from time to time, but certain things such as that, are not allowed in my house. I have play dough in a very HIGH cabinet and it gets taken out on sunny days and taken outside to the back yard where it can go on the ground and not in my carpet.

It's not just everywhere do things like this to their mothers!


Rachel said...

My sister in law was not my biggest fan the day I brought a few containers of green blob like that for my nieces birthday. It was sticky, slimy and nasty and it had bugs in it...How was I supposed to know my nephew would think it was edible??