How to Get Your Husband to Leave You Alone

Sick kid
Sick kid

Garbage men have a lot of work
You see, our neighbors moved out.
They apparently threw away a lot of stuff.
It's sitting in front of 3 houses.
We forgot to take our garbage out last week.
And it's recycle day.

SpidersLittle Dude doesn't like bugs.
Odd for a 4 year old boy.
Anyways, there was a HUGE spider on the basement wall.
I won't go near it.
Hell no!!!
He walked by and I started screaming
"It's moving! Aahhh!"
He ran like the wind upstairs
knocking me and GG over.
I got him again going up to bed.
This time there was no spider.
I almost peed myself while falling down the steps.
I was laughing that hard.

Where's my mom of the year award?

Hockey playoff
Are yinz sick of me saying I bleed
Black and Gold?
Just say something if you are.
But be forewarned...
I go nuts during playoffs!

Just ignore it
or tell me to shut up.
No offense will be taken.
I already have a husband who
won't watch games with me
because I yell at the tv.
And now the kids do, too :)

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Oka said...

Poor Little Dude :(

I am Harriet said...

I'd really hate to be a garbage man these days.
Have a great Tuesday!

Christy said...

You yell during hockey games? I think that's awesome...I yell during football, but I grew up in the south so I'm not really into hockey. but I do know our Nashville Predators are in the playoffs so bring it, lol!

Love that you scared your son...makes me laugh, lol!

Stacey @ Chasing Cloud 9 said...

Poor Little Dude! I'm with him ;)

Anonymous said...

germs, the one thing you wish they wouldnt share!lol

jayayceeblog said...

The bug thing is pretty funny ... poor Little Dude!

Shell said...

Let's go penguins! :)

Amy said...

Oh I hope he feels better soon..

Have a great day..

I am hosting another giveaway...

Stop by..

Lori said...

Well, I bleed crimson and white during football season so I understand that.

I just wish I had a neighbor move so I could take some of my trash over there. YOu wouldn't believe how much garbage my family of three can accumulate!

Anonymous said...

Playoff time already? Great. Now my facebook feed is going to be filled with talk of the Cavaliers and King James. I just don't get it. *sigh*

Good post-its!

Lisa said...

Poor guy! I hate spiders I would have helped him knock you over!

BNM said...

bahaha my lil man doesnt like bugs either and i may or may not have taunted him with a caterpillar today!! haha