Through Hell and High Water

For once I actually planned out how this day would go. I should have known things rarely go as planned.

Chris has been talking for weeks about this code camp that he was going to. Code camp is a big conference type thing for computer geeks like him. It was free, too! Where are the free blog conferences at?!?

Anyways, today was the day. This conference was from 8-5, but didn't really start until 9. Since I had to drive him there, I asked last night what time should we leave. He said a little after 8. So I set my alarm for a little before 8. I planned on throwing on some sweats, driving him, coming home and get ready to take the kids to their soccer games. 7:20am he wakes me up and says it's about time to go. WTH?!? My alarm's not going off for another 20 minutes!!! We stopped at the coffee shop on the way so things were good - he was forgiven.

I come home to get the kids ready for their games. I also had to get them ready for pictures prior to the games. I parked halfway between the library where the pictures were being taken and the field. We would do GG's pictures, walk down to watch her game, walk back up to the library for Little Dude's pictures, and then back down to the field for his game. Except the organized chaos for the first picture session, all went well. For the games, no one keeps score so everyone wins.

Oh, and did I mention it was barely 40 degrees? And I forgot to bring gloves for everyone? I think I have frostbite!

After the games we cam home for lunch and headed out to the craft store. I found this awesome sweater pattern and I am determined to crochet myself a sweater. I've never crocheted clothing, so wish me luck.

Except for a few minor bumps in the morning, all was going pretty close to how I planned. Chris sends me a text while at the craft store that he's ready to come home. I planned out what I thought would be the easiest route to get to where he was. Little did I realize just how bad the storms Friday night were!

My plan - take Road 8 to Road 5, turn up Road M, cut up Road B to BR, and the rest was pretty much a straight shot.

Halfway down Road 8, I realized it was closed. Probably trees or power lines down. So I couldn't get to Road 5 from there. I turn around, take a few back streets and finally come to a light ready to turn onto Road 5. Traffic is at a stand still! Ok, if I make a right, take a few more back streets, I will end up on Road M in a round about way. Finally I'm on M and approaching Road B! But wait! There's police tape I see. Crap! Turns out there's at least 2 huge pine trees covering Road B. Continue down Road M, which leads back down to Road 5. Sitting in traffic might have been the better option. I would have ended up in the same place in probably the same amount of time!

At this point I have beeped needlessly at many people and possibly taught my kids a few choice words. But I figure I can go towards downtown, get on the Boulevard, and that will take me straight where I need to go. Doesn't it figure that I miss my turn off the Boulevard!!!

I knew I was in Oakland, and that's where I needed to be, but there are one way streets everywhere! I finally figure it out but see that there's no parking. I circle the building where Chris is twice. I'm sitting at the stop light next to his building in the middle of texting him so he could meet me outside. Just then someone knocks on the passenger window! Holy crap! I'm being carjacked!!!

Calm down! It was Chris telling me to unlock the door.

And I apologize if my driving directions, or lack of, was a tad confusing. I might be proud to say I'm from Pittsburgh, at least when it comes to sports (minus baseball - our cat outside plays better than the Pirates!), but I'm not about to give out the actual street names from these parts. I don't need a stalker!

Unless you're going to shower me with gifts and make me famous. Then we can talk!

Until next time....


Oka said...

Sounds about as rough a day as mine.

We had a total of 4 soccer games in this freezing windy weather. UGH. I had my coat and my double fleece blanket, I still have a chill.

Glad you weren't car jacked and lived to tell about it.

Unknown said...

Your day today sounds likemine was yesterday... good grief mama you need a foot soak and hot bath lol

CaneWife said...

Yuck. That sounds like an awful day!

Hopefully, today is better.

Kmama said...

Oh my gosh. I thought you were being for real when you said car jacker. Thank goodness you were just joking.

I hate, hate, hate maneuvering in traffic. That's why we live in the boonies.

Anonymous said...

why dont things ever go as planned? Hope your day today is a better one my friend

Amy said...

Oh my gosh that scared me.. I have a fun tag if you want to join in..

Amanda Tempel said...

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Take Care; I'll be back to check up periodically.

-Amanda T

anymommy said...

This story sums up why I hate driving places I haven't been to before and often. I am chronically lost and not nearly so good at figuring it out as you are. May there be no frostbite in your house.