Important Message!

**Copied from Princess because she says it much better than I can**

One of our blog friends is going through a really hard time. Her son has been the victim of bullying. She spent the night in the ER. I am outraged and I'm sure you will be too when you see the pics of her baby with his busted up face.

Go here and show Jane some love. She is a single mother who is very involved in Autism awareness and loves all her children dearly. She does so much for others. Let's do something for her.

If you feel so her link on your blog and send your peeps over to show her some love today too. Tell her the Blogfia sent you.

Grab the Blogfia button code and post away. Feel free to copy this post if you don't have time.

Let her know that we all stand behind her in protest of bullying!!

Until next time....


carissa said...

aw, how sad!!! i will go visit her blog.

Miss. C said...

I read her post earlier, it broke my heart!! She is such a strong woman!!!