Suggestions are Advisable

Thank goodness the black cloud has disappeared. As a matter of fact, things started going uphill after that moment, thank goodness.

Little Dude and I decided to take a walk yesterday afternoon to enjoy the nice weather while it lasted. I wish we would have had more time last night so GG and I could have walked to our Brownie meeting, but we get back from picking Chris up around 5, have dinner, and rush to the meeting by 6. The Brownie meeting was rather amusing. It also helped to reinforce the fact that I am not as young as I'd like to think. We are working on the Girl Sport patch, so exercise has been the topic for the past 2 meetings. We stretch and then do activities like throwing and catching. I use the excuse that these girls are smaller than me and that's why they are so flexible. Can we just stick with that, please? And by the way, giving 1st and 2nd graders balls to throw and catch inside is NOT a good idea! I thought someone would lose a limb!

The conversations these girls were having while they were throwing and catching were funny! I don't think they realize how loud they are. And some of them seem to talk just to talk. I realized during these conversations, that I am really tired of hearing about Justin Beiber and Hannah Montana. Oh, and the Twilight stuff. One of the girls is obsessed with it! I'm not sure if that's something an 8 year old should be obsessed with, but I'm not a Twilight person. I could be wrong.

We also asked the girls for ideas for field trips now that we have the money in from the cookie sales. I guess that question was a tad too general. The responses we got were Disney and Hawaii. Sorry, we didn't sell THAT many cookies girls! So then they came a little closer to home and suggested the zoo or Kennywood (local amusement park). I can maybe see the zoo because they do have group programs, but I am NOT going to be held responsible for a bunch of girls at a big, crowded amusement park! Me and the other leader suggested a horse riding thing, which was a huge hit, and then a few places involving food. Food always works!

So if you ever have to ask a group of girls where they want to go, give a few suggestions first! Open-ended questions are not the route to go!

And now it's Friday and I am so glad for that. This whole week was crazy. But what week isn't when you're a mom?! If we weren't running around, someone was sick. So I have declared today a quiet day.

Ok, maybe not since Little Dude is freaking out over yet another bug.

Until next time....


MommyLovesStilettos said...

Happy Friday Follow :) I am not a new follower :) But I wanted to say happy Friday anyway :)

Kristin said...

I think the zoo sounds like a great idea. I know the zoo here in NC has a program that lets scouts earn a special patch from the zoo. Maybe yours has that too.

Kmama said...

I'm so glad your day improved.

I am the least flexible person you will probably ever meet. In high school, I was VERY athletic, but I had no flexibility. I would get all A's in Gym for all activities, but D's for flexibility. LOL

The Old White Barn said...

Stopping by from Friday Follow and I'm so glad I found you! Very cute blog - I'm now following.

Family-Friendly Product Reviews said...

Happy FF! Just stopping by to say hello!

Betty Manousos said...

Happy Friday Follow!
I am now following you!
Your blog is lovely!
Love to have you stop by my site.
Hope you have a great weekend!

carissa said...

disney and hawaii?! i can't blame them. ; ) happy weekend!

Helene said...

I wanna go to Disney and Hawaii too!

Your Brownie troop sounds so organized! I just had my daughter drop out of Daisies because the troop leader totally sucked with her organizational skills.

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