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Moving on, I would like to share a story about my son, Little Dude. If you've been here before than you might have seen somewhere along the way that I am homeschooling him for preschool. At the time when my husband and I were discussing preschool, I did not have a car during the day. That made preschool selections VERY slim. We figured that since I have a background in education, it would just make sense to do it at home. Plus it saves us a lot of money.

Little Dude and I spend some time each day learning different things. I also take him to WeeSchool Wednesday storytime at our library every week. Each week the kids learn about a different letter. They sing songs, listen to stories, and then do a craft that is related to the letter. This week the letter was "T" and the kids made turtles.

Turtleisn't the shirt just awesome :)

I do believe the body is the bottom of a styrofoam bowl. There is a slit cut into either side of the body and the kids, with a parent's help, slide a plastic spoon through the slits. This becomes the head and the tail. The legs are taped to the inside of the bowl and the kids then painted their turtles. The eyes are 2 plastic beads, which were attached by the parents with a hot glue gun.

Unfortunately the paint is not staying on the turtle, but Little Dude loves his animal regardless.

I love the library projects - they are always so creative. It also gives the kids something concrete to take home. When we pick GG up from school or my husband up from work, Little Dude tells them all about the craft he made that Wednesday and what letter is was for.

If you have time to do the prep work beforehand, this is definitely something I would recommend doing with your kids. So easy and so cute!

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Kmama said...

Little Dude is so cute...and what a creative activity. I love the turtle idea.

Andrea said...

Happy FF! Good luck in the contest :-)

Lori said...

Little Dude and his turtle are adorable! And I love his shirt too! Too cute!

TamsJewelry said...

Happy FF.It is always nice to meet another creative soul.Love your blog!

Debbie said...

Happy Friday Follow. Now following, cute blog.


Blondie said...

Awww...what a cute little dude! I totally want that shirt in my size! That would be at least an XL! Or maybe XXL! Whatever!

Hey I bet little dude would love the book I am giving away today on my site...it is all about dogs and having pets. You can check it out here...



furygirl3132 said...

Little Dude is a cutey! I need to get a shirt like his for my oldest daughter as she just said that to me this morning. Just stopping by from Friday Follow, I started following you last week. Love your blog! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Ann said...

I have grandchildren Little Dude's age and they catch the bus at my house and get dropped off here every day. My daughter is a teacher and picks them up after work. They spend lots of hours with us and we do MANY art projects. It's so enjoyable to spend time like this with them. Love the turtle.

Anonymous said...

How cute is that...I love turtles;)

Steph said...

Cute turtle! Stopping by from FF.

Jingle said...

cute and clever post!

Happy Family Fridays!mine is up!

Jingle said...

love the sparkling photo in the end of the post,
you creativity shines!
take good care!

you rock!

Kimberly said...

Cute turtle, little dude, and the shirt.

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Visiting and following from Friday Follow, and so glad you joined in this week! Have a terrific weekend and good luck with the cash giveaway from Toothsoap.com.

~ Lynn

Amy said...

That is so cute.. I love turtles. Thanks for joining in..

Letherton said...

Here from FF

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Unknown said...

Homeschooling is really essential if only done properly, right? Looks like you are doing a great job! Thank you for sharing. Little Dude is so handsome!

Happy Saturday!
Have a great weekend!

The Kwok-Linehan Famlly

Krissy @ ArtsyMom said...

I'm homeschooling my daughter right now as well. She just is too smart to not go to pre school and unfortunately, she can't until next year...

Following from Friday Follow!! Better late than never, right? :) Come visit us and follow us as well! :) We have a Friday Follow giveaway going on until Sunday.


One Savvy Mom! said...

I love the shirt! :-)
Hi :-)
Stopping by from the Friday Follow.....a little late :-) The list is sooo long!
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Lot's of Great Giveaways going on right now!