Your Time Has Come

When Little Dude was, well, littler, he loooved him some Elmo. Actually in our house, the little red monster was referred to as "Elbow". Little Dude had clothes, toys, movies... all kinds of Elbow stuff!

Tickle Me Elmo was the first to join our family. I searched high and low for that thing and finally, 2 days before Christmas, found him. Shortly after, Tickle's friend who did the chicken dance was invited in. At some point we also added Hokie Pokie to the brood. And finally, the best was saved for last... Tickle Me Elmo Extreme. Extreme was by far my favorite. I have never laughed so hard watching that Elmo laugh. Just awesome!

So now Little Dude is 4. Sadly he is growing up. Elmo has been replaced with Bob the Builder, Little Bear, and Yo Gabba shoot me now Gabba.

The Elmos had made their home in the back corner of the living room. This is the corner of the room where the kids have their soft chairs and big stuffed animals. It's their comfy spot where they can wrestle without getting hurt . I took the Elmos out of their comfy home and moved them to the other room until I find a new home for them such as the garbage because they are annoying as hell .

I explained to the kids that they were too big for Elmo. Maybe we can put them up and try and sell them in the fall when the resale event returns. Or maybe we can donate them to Goodwill for other kids to play with who don't have a lot of stuff. Little Dude is ok with this explanation.

About an hour after I moved the Elmos to their temporary home in the dining room I realized that this is the explanation I should have given the kids...

Holy crap!
We need to get these horny red monsters out of this house!

Elmo, get your feathered paws off!
There will be no hokie pokie-ing by you in this house!


If you don't back up off each other
and get out of my house

I will get the tape!

Bad Elmo

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What I meant

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Kmama said...


We have a few "elbows" too. LOL

Sarah said...

We are officially up to 5 Elmo ("Abbo" as my son calls him) dolls, not to mention the other 58 toys that have something to do with the furry red monster. I had no idea how quickly it would get out control!

Anonymous said...

LMAO...the pic with the tape made me snort;)