Sunday Showw Off

I could really get used to this winter thing.

Ok, maybe not. But I figure that maybe if I'm nicer to Mother Nature, she'll return the favor and stop dumping all this snow on us. Honestly, there's no where to put it anymore when we shovel! But there is one nice thing about all this snow...

Playing in it!

I was shocked to hear that Chris was joining us in playing in the snow! Because of the extra man power, we built not 1 but 2 snow people!

Ok, technically 3.
If you look real close
you'll see a mound of snow next to Little Dude.
That was the snow kid he built.
Apparently snow dad and snow mom need a baby!

We also got into a huge snowball fight! It started in the back of the house, then we took a break for snow person building. And then it started back up again. At first I was taking pictures of the kids ganging up on Chris, aka the bad guy according to Little Dude. Then they turned on me and I was the target from all 3 of them!

It really wasn't fair because
the boys were using shovels to throw snow at the girls

Just when I thought Chris was about to go in, he went to the backyard and started making the biggest snowball I have ever seen!

It ended up a little bigger than this
because it was then rolled to the front yard.
At one point Little Dude was digging a moat around the ball.
He called it a fort.
I called for him cuz I couldn't see him.
He stood up and all I could see
was the top of his hood behind this big ball!

And just to prove that I was indeed out there all bundled like a fool helping to build and throw...

FYI~ sweatpants over jeans is NOT comfortable!

My mother-in-law got me this sign a few weeks ago for my birthday. It was meant as a Christmas present but got lost in the back of her closet. Oh well. I'm guilty of stuff like that, too!

just in case you can't read it...
It's snowing black and gold!

Until next time....


Kmama said...

cute sign!! How fun that you all got to go out and play!

Shell said...

Love that sign!

I also love your new look!

Amy said...

What a fun way to enjoy the snow. I so love the new look you have going here. I hope you have a great day..

Love the sign.

Mandee said...

It has been snowing a lot here too. I just wish old man winter would quit shaking his stuff already! We got his point the first couple of times! Our kids are out of calamity days and now we are stuck making them up over the holidays.

Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

Just can't get enough of pictures of kids playing in the snow! Thanks for sharing these, they're terrific! Glad you hoisted your sweatpants over your jeans and joined in!!


Anonymous said...

those are awesome pics, the one of you in the snow, the flakes look HUGE.............let me know how being nice to mother nature works out for ya, maybe I'll give it a