It's My Birthday
Thank You Very Much

A month ago when people starting asking me
what I wanted for my birthday
A snow storm was definitely NOT on my list
And 2 storms in the same week...
Who in their right mind would want that?!
Certainly not me!



Mother Nature...
Thank you very much
for snowing me in on my birthday
and causing the schools to close.
I appreciate it!
Really. I do!

GG~ The other night when I was tucking you in, you told me I have been the nicest mom ever lately. Thank you very much! Now that is something I really do appreciate.

Little Dude~ Thanks for enjoying the halftime show with me. Apparently you, me, your sister, and your uncle are the only ones who like The Who. Anyway, when you said "Those old guys rock!" I agreed with you. But then when you asked if I used to listen to them, well, thank you very much for making me feel old.

Just for the record, yes it is my birthday and no, I am not old! Twenty-eleven is not old! The only way I listened to The Who (now and when I was growing up) was on a station labelled Classic Rock. Kinda like reruns, I listened to certain bands the second time around. Maybe even a third. I mean, how old is Mick Jagger anyway? I'm not a fan of the Stones, but I really do have to wonder how that man is still alive!

Sometimes I can't wait for my kids to grow up so their kids can say crazy stuff to them. But then again, let's not rush that, shall we.

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Danielle said...

Happy Birthday to you. Stopping by from Kmamas.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday my friend.......many more, hopefully without snow next time;)

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!

Miss Mel said...

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!!!! Happy Birthday dear Evonne! Happy Birthday to you! xo Night Light Stories!

Brandie said...

Happy Birthday and thanks for the laugh!!

Liz Mays said...

Happy Birthday to you!!! I thought that particular age which I won't mention seeing as how you didn't was a breeze. It was the year before that that hurt!

Have a great day!

Brandi said...

Happy Birthday!!! :) I hope you have a great one despite the snow!

Rachel said...

Happiest Birthday!

Send some of that snow our way, would ya?

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

Happy Happy Birthday!

Shell said...

Happy birthday! Hope the snow goes away for your birthday!

Kmama said...

Holy crap! You are my twin. I'm twenty-eleven too! LOL

I hope you have a good birthday, snowed in and all!!

Iva Messy said...


supahmommy- somethin's wrong with that girl said...


i will be 20 -15

o m g


happy day late !