I'll be honest with you. I was going to opt out of SupahMommy and MommyBrain's Meme this round. Why, you ask? Well the topic is really not something that relates to me. You see, I have never been pulled over.

Yes, I am dead serious about that!
And quite proud of it, too!

But then it occurred to me that my BFF had been pulled over and since I was in the car with her, I figure I can use that story.

Way back in the day Back when we were in high school, we were coming home from a friend's house. You know, the friend who's house we tried to walk to on New Year's Eve one year? Wait, I never blogged about that story? I'll have to do that someday. It's a good story!

Anyway, we were driving through the neighborhood where I now live and apparently a cop didn't think we stopped at a stop sign. Pissed, she pulled over. After handing her the ticket he said she could show up at the magistrate to argue the stupid thing. She would get something in the mail saying when she should show up. So of course she decided to argue it. I went with her for 2 reasons.

1. She's my BFF and I always got her back. We're the type who would wake up in jail together and say "That was fun! Let's do it again". Not that we would ever cause that much trouble. Not us! We're good!

2. The day she had to show at the magistrate was Senior Skip Day.

Now I don't know about your alma mater, but for our school, this was a special day. Everyone decorated their cars, showed up at school for a special breakfast and to show off their cars, and then drove around for a bit before the lame picnic at the park. While you drove around, there was much horn blaring, water balloon throwing, and water gun blasting. I'm still a little ticked at my husband, then boyfriend, who, with the help of a friend, soaked us through and through. They had the biggest and baddest Super Soakers and the windows in my BFF's car were reeeeeally slow to go up!

Wait, let me back up a bit to the magistrate before the other police story involved here.

We had decorated her car the day before. Before heading to the school we had to stop at the magistrate's office. I'm sure we looked like complete fools pulling into that parking lot in a car covered with tissue paper flowers and fake sandwiches from Subway. Why Subway sandwiches? Happy Gilmore was our favorite movie at the time.

So we get to the magistrate and find out that the cop will not be there. We were quite annoyed that we had to do this in the first place, but having the charges dropped made it somewhat better. So after a few fixes to our paper flowers, we headed off to the school. We did our breakfast thing and started driving, throwing balloons as we went. Suddenly an officer pulls us over and informs us that we can't throw balloons at anyone. Lucky for him we were out of balloons by that time. We made sure we let him know that after we apologized. He left and as we started driving up the hill to head out to the park, at least a dozen water balloons rolled out from under the front passenger seat!

We didn't throw any of them because we were told we weren't allowed.

At least that's what I'll tell you!

Until next time...


Ali said...

Kudos to you for never being pulled over!

Kmama said...


I thought for sure that the magistrate was going to have something to say about the car being decorated.

I can't believe you've never been pulled over!!

Oka said...

Senior Skip Day sounded way more fun then ours, LOL

Shell said...

What fun!

Our senior skip days weren't like that. But, we had one just about every month. LOL

Anonymous said...

I have never met anyone who hasnt been pulled over, that is very cool and you should be very proud, way to go friend;)

Unknown said...

Hey I got out of my 1 speeding ticket as well, but not for the smae reason lol. I posted it on my blog.

Amy said...

no pull overs that is so amazing.. I have had a few.. Oh well I was driving too fast... Have a great day..

The Mommyologist said...

We had Senior Skip Day too!! Ahhhh, the good old days!!

Mandy (ZenMonkeyMind) said...

Wow this brought back memories from my days in high school with my bff! Sometimes I miss those days! :)

btw I'm Mandy, IAmJavaMama on twitter, we've had some conversations there. I'm starting the blogging thing again, hope ya don't mind i'm following your blog!

Liz Mays said...

I believe you. I know you didn't throw any balloons. ;)

Tracie said...

You've never been pulled over? I can't even remember how many times I've been pulled over. At least

Allison said...

That's crazy that you've never been pulled over! I was pulled over once for going 5 over...that's insane!

Tina said...

wow..that's awesome. I have not been lucky. :)