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Amy hosts Round Robin once a month and I'd like to share a snack we made with our Brownie troop last week.
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That stands for "Good Ole Raisins and Peanuts". I have made trail mix for my kids using things like marshmallows, Goldfish, chocolate chips, and Chex cereal. While that is quite yummy, there is a special meaning behind GORP. Here are the steps along with the ingredients you need.

1. Girl Scouts come is all colors, shapes, and sizes. Every Girl Scout is a sister no matter what she looks like or how she sounds.

I am starting our mix with these colorful M&M's.

2. Some of us are tall, and some of us are small. When we get together, size doesn't matter at all.

I am adding pretzel thins and marshmallows.

3. With our words and our actions, we show that we care. We always try to do our best to be fair and square.

I will add Chex Cereal to our mix.

4. Sometimes we act a little "nuts", we love to joke and play. We'd love to put a Girl Scout smiles into everyone's day.

So I am adding a whole bunch of nuts.

5. When we get together, we make circles so round. It's our never ending friendship to which we are bound.

I will add Cheerios to our mix

6. When we're planning and working, we just don't stop.. We keep ourselves busy; all around we will pop!

Next we add some popcorn.

7. We respect all God's creatures, if they're big or they're small. The earth is our home, and there is room here for all.

So for all the little creatures, I add some Goldfish crackers.

8. It was 1912 when Juliette Low started us off. And like the girls back then, we're just "chips off the old block".

So for all of us, I add some chocolate chips.

9. We get a "kick" out of learning and doing new things. And a "kick" out of helping others, and spending time with friends.

I am adding Kix Cereal to our mix.

10. When we were new Girl Scouts, we were fresh and rare. And now some of us are older and have experience to share.

So for all the years we've spent in Girl Scouting, I am adding raisins.

11. Now we stir to the left and we stir to the right. We mix it together with all of our might. We welcome our Girl Scouting friends to another great year, and hope the memories we make, we will always hold dear.
This mix is super easy and very tasty! Since there is no actual cooking involved, this is something you can do with younger ones, too. With allergies and picky eaters, you can use whatever ingredients you think will work best. I made a variation of this with Little Dude, who's 4, and he had a blast "helping" me cook.
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I LOVE the saying that goes along with that. How cool.

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Love the story behind that!

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how cool is that! i have heard about GORP in the past but never knew why it was called GORP

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I like the story of Gorp. I never new what it meant.

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