Shout Outs - WIMTS

Look at all this snow! Isn't it beautiful?

It's been snowing almost nonstop for over a week now! There's so much for the kids to play in! And by the way, that pile next to my shovel IS how much we got. That pile wasn't moved there.

Ok, really, if you've been reading my ramblings for a while (and fyi for anyone new) you know I would never in a million years say something like this.

What I really want to say every time I look outside or go outside is this...

There is so much friggin snow! I'm tired of looking at it, I can't shovel any more. My arms hurt from trying to toss it over the mountains that are taller than my 6 foot husband. My legs now hurt from walking up our hill. I can't drive to get GG from school because there's nowhere to park. All the spots are full of mounds upon mounds of snow. But it is kind of funny that underneath some of these mounds are cars that were never dug out from the BIG storm on the 13th! I do not pity those fools. Should have been out there with the rest of us digging and cursing.

Anyway, not everyone on our hill has cleared their sidewalks and walking uphill in the middle of the street with a 4 year old is not fun. Not all drivers like to move their too big cards over! What I really need is a permanent vacation! Is anyone doing a giveaway for one of those? Cuz if you are... Sign. Me. Up!!! I wonder if any of Supah's sponsors for her Survivor game are giving away a house that's located somewhere, anywhere warm? Hmmm...I'll have to investigate those awesome people some more! Look over on the left if you want to check them out as well.

Sorry. I really didn't want to think about the snow anymore, but it's just getting ridiculous!

parenting BY dummies is having a Blog Dog contest. Crazy me dug up a few pictures and submitted them. I figure if I win, great. If I don't, no biog deal. I'm not always good at contests and like I always say, if it wasn't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all. But it is a funny contest.

I know, I'm being rather blase about the whole thing, but what I really mean to say is...

GO VOTE FOR #4!!!!!
click to go vote for me please!

To Chief, who's in Mexico as I type ~ I hope you're enjoying your vacation. I want to hear all about your good times when you get back. While you're there, have some Mexican food for me. Or maybe tequila. Unless you're like I am when it comes to tequila. That was a bad, bad night with a few bad days that followed. But I'll save that story for another day.

While I really do mean what I said about Chief having a great vacation, I really meant to add this...

I was at Pennys a few weeks and saw some ginormous suitcases that I could definitely fit in. I have no problems squeezing in a tight place and riding in the underbelly of a plane if it means my final destination is warm and sunny. You could have taken me with you! I can be low maintenance. I wouldn't get in the way. I promise. Just don't verify that low maintenance stuff with my other half, k?

Ah, free Wednesday therapy!
I feel so much better now.
You should give this carnival a try
Or at least head to Chief's page
to read about other bloggers free therapy.

Proofreading this post for the millionth time cuz I'm anal like that I realize there's quite a few shout outs in here. I figure I might as well throw in one more for good measure.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, and I hope you do, is show me some love in the form of comments, visit Chief, and then head on over to visit Amber. I love her blog - it's cute! And she can help you get an awesome looking blog. Go check out her design blog while you're there!

Until next time...


Trac~ said...

I agree with you 100% - I am SO SICK of snow that it's ridiculous! UGH! Love your "What I meant to say" blogtherapy today. Stay warm and have a great day! :o)

Kmama said...

Look at you with all those shout-outs!!!

That's a lot of snow. I hope things settle down over there for you soon!!

Shell said...

That is a lot of shoutouts!

Snow...yuck. LOL

VandyJ said...

Too bad you can't send some of that snow my way. All we have here is ice. Depressing ice.

Anonymous said...

I read that first comment about loving the snow and thought what has she gone to the darkside...then i read on and realized you were still brilliant and hate the

BNM said...

everyone is making me thankful to live in Alabama!! (gasp I would usually never say that) but i hate snow & im glad its only once in a blue moon we see it. I hope it starts melting soon for you!

Curious said...

I'm going to vote for you right now... seriously, that could be my sister in that picture from back in the day. Did you wear 40 hair rubber bands on your wrist too?

She now models part time and is georgous, as I'm sure you are too.

Unknown said...

Woohoo for the shoutout! lol. You did do alot of shoutouts this week

Unknown said...

I am so done with snow. Even my 3 year old said this morning "it should be Spring so I can ride my bike..."

Adoption of Jane said...

I voted for you but I have to go see if your a Villain.. I may need my vote back.. LOL!! OMG those are cars under the snow bumps... do you guys have special paint in Snow areas so your cars don't get jacked up?