So What

Wow! It's Wednesday. That means it's over the hump day.

Wait, strike that!

What I meant to say was it's Chief's bloggy-carni-meme day!

Go ahead, click it!
You know you want to.
After you read this, of course!

The other day my husband opened the dishwasher to get one of his favorite cups for some juice. He quickly closed it and said that the dishes in there were dirty. Fast forward a few days hours...

He opens the dishwasher to get one of his favorite cups for some juice. What he said was, "That stinks! But I can't run it cuz it's not full yet."

My response... "Ya, sorry, I didn't get to the dishes today. I'll load it up and run it in the morning."

What I meant to say after his comment on the stink was repeated numerous times was... "You think it stinks so bad in there but it's not full enough to run? Then why don't you take the dishes that are in the sink, put them in the dishwasher, throw some soap in, and turn the mother truckin' thing on!"


Last Friday, I joined up with
Amy and Lori for their Family Friday. Here's the post if you missed it. But to sum it up, when I was little (around 7 or 8), my dad used to take me to the bar with him. This was one of the comments...

Lovely post. Times sure have changed. Though, I wasn't even born then and don't visit a Bar now... lol

The picture looks great. Memories, they are the happy ones worth sharing...!

When I read this, I smiled and laughed it off. What I meant to say was, "Look, you little ankle biter! I do appreciate you taking the time to read my story and giving me a compliment, but you didn't need to make me feel old in the process!"

Looking at it now, I'm back to laughing at it. I guess I was just in one of those moods on Friday. Maybe I was having a senior moment or something!


Sadly, these were the only What I Meant moments I could come up with for the past week. But then my husband had to go and give me blog material do something silly.

My fingers seem to have ADD or something when it comes to the radio. I switch back and forth between a million stations. I hate commercials. Well, that and the DJ's on my favorite station are not always kid friendly. Ok, they're rarely kid friendly! Anywho, I come across Pink's So What. I'm really starting to dig her music so I left it on.

Song's over, flip a few more stations, hear a few more songs. Lo and behold I come across So What on another station. Of course we have to listen to it again!

After we get home, I'm checking my email while dinner is a-cooking. I hear him walking up the stairs humming some Pink. I pop my head up the stairs and ask if he was just humming a tune. He says he was humming the silly song we heard in the car (gasp!). "Ok. Just making sure I'm not hearing things" is what I said.

What I meant to say was... "HA!! You're singing a girl song!"

Keep in mind, Pink and most of my other musical selections are so far from his taste it's not even funny. I mean, that would be like me singing along with Def Leppard as they sing about sex and girls. Oh, wait! I do sing along with Def Leppard!

Until next time...


Adoption of Jane said...

What is it with Men wanting everything cleaned but are unaware it takes cleaning to make this happen???!!!!

Kmama said...

Ohh, the dishwasher. Jdaddy has no problem unloading it or loading, but adding soap and turning it on appears to be beyond his skills. WTH?

LOL at the pink song.

Shell said...

LOL @ the ankle biter!

VandyJ said...

We don't have many options here in the back of beyond to choose from so we are stuck with only about 3 radio stations, otherwise I think I'd change radio channels like I change TV channels during commercials. Funny that you got a girl song stuck in JDaddy's head though.

Anonymous said...

I hate when men complain about something not being done, they can just do it. LOL!

Megan said...

Not even gonna go there on the dishwasher thing. Must be the XY chromosome....

I may or may not have finger ADD as well..... lol

Oka said...

My husband is like Kmama's, he can load and unload, but he never adds the soap or starts it. Just like after dinner, he tells me he will do the dishes to me that would including loading dishes, wiping the counters and tables, and putting any leftovers away. For him, he loads the dishwasher and nothing more.

Laura said...

I'd be shocked if my hubs could correctly identify a dishwasher.

Chief said...

You are awesome!

That is all

Thanks for playing!

Lisa said...

I hate unloading the dishwasher!

BNM said...

LMAO!! these are great!!!