I'll Tell You What I Really Think!

Have you ever been in one of those situations where you said A, but you really meant to say B, but you were too afraid to actually say B? Well, that's what Chief's carnival is all about ~ all the things you wanted to say, but couldn't. Or wouldn't.

Maybe if I keep practicing here, I can grow a pair and start to say what I really meant for you to hear!


When a certain person who asked if there were any Wii games I wanted for my birthday, I politely replied that I would think about it, look around and let her know.

What I meant to say was ~
You asked me this 2 weeks ago and I told you the one game I would like to have. You freaked out because you don't think I need it. Well, I think I do! And the point is, you asked, I told. Can't you just keep your opinions to yourself? You didn't have to go and make me feel all bad about myself. Thanks!


Last Friday my mom sent me an IM asking if I was here. I was busy making dinner and trying to get things ready for the pool party so it took me a few minutes to get back to her. I said I was here and her response was

"I'm heading out the door to McCoy's!"
my favorite bar

My response ~ "Have fun! I have to get ready to go to the pool."

What I meant to say ~ Eff you! I'd much rather go drinking than sit at a pool with a bunch of kids who annoy the crap out of me (mine excluded, of course).


When the iPad was finally announced the other day, my husband said that maybe he would get me one of those instead of a netbook. This is the man who has been saying for months that he'd get me a netbook for my birthday.

I politely said "No, thanks. I would rather have the netbook."

He was cool with that.

Monday, he sent me a link to a netbook he found. It has everything I would need, way more hard drive space than I would ever need, and a built in camera. I think that last part is pretty cool, so can someone school me on how to use Skype now please?! Oh, and the best part ~ it was being offered at an incredibly cheap price! And trust me, I know it's not a cheap, as in poorly made, machine. My husband is king of computer geeks and he knows what's good and what's not. This is good.

What I meant to say ~


Yes, there would be much
jumping and dancing
while I shout this from the rooftops!

This means I can

tweet and watch tv

Facebook and watch tv

Spread my resale stuff out on the living room floor
while I enter it into the system
instead of cramming into the already tight dining room

Can you tell I'm excited about my birthday present this year?
And getting it a week early makes it even better, cuz I'm not patient AT ALL!!!!

And if I start stalking you tweeting all the time and taking over reading your blog all the time, just tell me to leave you the hell alone take a computer break, k? Thanks!

Until next time...


Shell said...

What a fabulous birthday present!

Anonymous said...

Awesome birthday present!

Anonymous said...

You asked, I told..hahah well said! love it

Chief said...

yeah! more time with Evonne! great present

Unknown said...

I want a laptop as well but it will wait and you can stalk me and my blog and twitter anytie hun knock yourself out

Unknown said...

yay for the fun b-day present!

oh btw remember when I told you about those awesome Head First Labs books? Well Guess What! I asked around and I get to giveaway 3 free e-books next week! 3! I'm super pumped and I wish I could keep one for myself

Oka said...

Congrats on the Netbook.

Knows I am getting old, my oldest son got a netbook (from his grandparents), it's too tiny for this woman. Must be why I'm not interested in a smartphone either.

The Princess of Sarcasm said...

So is he going to get you the game too? What was it? A boob job game? (Cuz that's the one I would want.) ;)

Kmama said...

When is your b-day? mine's coming up here pretty shortly. I'm not getting a netbook though. Maybe Wii fit, which is fine with me.

I love when people ask what you want and you tell them, and then they tell you that it's a bad idea. Gee, thanks!

Maude Lynn said...

That's a cool birthday present!

The Mommyologist said...

That is awesome!! Enjoy the netbook!

And I'd rather go to the bar too!

Mandy (ZenMonkeyMind) said...

Ooh! I like the netbooks! I want one, but I probably won't get one because I do have a laptop. Granted, it's a dinosaur laptop, old and huge, but still... hmmm...

Have fun with your new toy when you get it!

BNM said...

Oh i am jealous I was looking at netbooks last night!! What a great Bday present!

Lisa said...

Great b-day present! I need to start thinking about what I want!

Unknown said...

Love the pool comment! And Yay for a netbook!