Monkeys and birthday girls

This past weekend was GG's birthday weekend 1 of 2. I am happy to report that everyone survived and we are all in one piece. This is especially important because this mama was flying solo over the weekend as the husband was on his annual hiatus to Chicago.

Some of you may remember my complaining over a pair of boots last week. I never did find the exact pair she had her heart set on, but I did find a reasonable substitute. She got them Thursday night and she's only taken them off to sleep (I think?). Since the husband was was leaving Friday morning, GG was privileged enough to get her goodies Thursday night. She also got a "new" laptop (the husband's old one) and a new jersey.

Birthday girl

Friday the kids and I had our own mini celebration. Complete with cupcake monstrosities!

Birthday girl and a huge cupcake
One huge cupcake

Saturday was her bowling party. Even if we did have the room, it's so much easier to have parties somewhere else. I don't have to clean anything and there is usually an employee assigned to help you out.

Birthday girl

Only 1 boy came, but he still had fun. All the girls like him, even though not one of them will admit to it. He also gave Little Dude someone to pal around with for 2 hours.

The girls? My goodness can they shriek! One would bowl and then shut her eyes tight. The others would watch to see how she did. If she bowled well? Let's just say I'm shocked that no glass was broken in the process!

The best part of GG's friend party, in my humble opinion, was her cake. Of course I have to save the best for last. Because I was up til midnight the night before putting the darn thing together!

Monkey cake

And now we will take a week to recoup before party weekend #2. Thank goodness the husband is home to help with this one!

Until next time....


Oka said...

Bowling parties are fun.

What's with wearing the new shoes non-stop. I took Baby-Girl to get a new pair of shoes Friday (she already had holes in the toes of her tennis shoes she started wearing late September). She wouldn't take those things off and we had to fight about whether she could wear them to bed (no joke).

Kmama said...

Cute cake! We did a bowling party for Buddy's fifth birthday and it was fabulous. I would totally do it again.

Oh, and that first pic of GG? My goodness, she looks like a teenager.

Crazy lil' Thing said...

ahhhhhh that cake is awesome!

I dont think girls stop shrieking until they get married & settle down lol!

Losing Brownies said...

Happy birthday GG! What a lucky girl to have two weekends to celebrate!

Anonymous said...

wow, thats some celebration:) and those cupcakes look awesome! :)