He's a Genius

Its just after dinner time in my house. And that means it's homework time. GG is n 3rd grade and that means that she can do it all on her own, with a few exceptions. Like word problems, which are not my forte either!

Little Dude is another story. He knows what to do with the papers for practicing whatever letter they are learning. Every other paper I need to read the directions for him. I would like to point out that some of these directions are rather confusing. For me, not him! That's sad.

As he's practicing writing the letter "I" I am going through the rain forest that is in his folder.

RainforestBa-bye trees

I'm glad his teacher keeps those kids busy, but do they really need to bring home that many papers?!

So as I'm going through this rain forest I come across a particular paper. This paper has sentences on it. 4 to be exact. I think the kids needed to underline their new word in those sentences, which would have been "said". Out of curiosity, I asked Little Dude to read the sentences to me. He did every single one! And the words he wasn't sure of he sounded out. I didn't know whether to jump for joy or cry. I think I did a little of both!

Bad mom moment -I have learned that I do not need to keep every single paper Sadly that paper with the 4 sentences was thrown away. But I did keep this one that he also read to me.

My son the genius
I am one proud mama!!!

Until next time....


Oka said...

YAY Dude.

GEt this, our school sends home all the papers then expects you to drive them all back for the recycling fundraiser. Can we say waste of Gasoline????

Kmama said...

I only keep the ones that make me super happy or are super good (art). I can't keep them all.

For the most part, we only get stuff sent home once a week, which helps with the clutter.

Yay for Little Dude. Isn't it amazing when they start to read and sound things out??