Please send help

Sending out an SOS
Technical help
Please help with Feedburner
Here's my dilemma...

I finally jumped on the Feedburner bandwagon. I realize that not everyone reads a blog the same way. Why not give more options, right?

With the help of some Twitter friends, I finally figured out what I was doing. I signed up, I burned my feeds, and I added the little widget thing to my blogs. It's over on the right if you care to subscribe (hint, hint!!).

Just like a good little blogger should do, I subscribed to my own blogs. And that's when I realized I have failed. I don't like to fail, so you need to try and help a girl out here! Please?!

First off, I can't seem to get the timing right on when posts from this blog are delivered. I keep selecting the time I want and saving, but it doesn't want to work.

But that's not my big issue. The big problem is exactly what is delivered. When I open the email from yours truly I see nothing but the title of the post. I subscribe to a few blogs via email. Of those I notice one of two things. There's a snippet of the post with a clickable to link to read more on the blog itself. Or the entire post is in that email.

What the hell are you people doing that I can't seem to figure out?!?

Please help me fix my blogs?!

And subscribe? No pressure, or course!

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Until next time....


Bethany said...

Oh I am so sorry...I can't figure that stuff out either=)

Kmama said...

Uhh, sorry. No clue here. I've heard that mine works, but I haven't even subscribed to my own. *shame*

Diane said...

Ugh. Wish I could but I'm afraid it would be like the blind leadin' the blind. Hope someone can help!

Oka said...

Yeah, I will probably be the last person you ever know to use FeedBurner. By the time I know what I am doing, everyone will be on to bigger and better things. LOL

Shell said...

I think it has something to do with whether you do a full feed or something like that?

I really need to subscribe to my own so that I can see. Oops.

Amy said...

Have a great day.. I am not sure what or how to help you. If i did I would so help you out..

kimberly @ lush lounge said...

New follower from Post It Note tuesday. I LOVE your blog title!