No matter how hard we try, sometimes we can't escape

Yesterday my friend Shell wrote a post about some things we wish we knew when we first had our babies. There were definitely things on there I wish people had told me, but her post also got me thinking.

When our babies are first born, we may struggle, but we son embrace the role of motherhood. When our babies reach a certain, and this age varies from parent to parent, we desperately seek to escape the role of motherhood.

Sometimes we think we succeed, but then smack! We're hit with a reminder!

I now present to you my own list.

No escape

No escape

No escape

No escape

No escape

What about you? What are your "You know you're a mom when" moments?

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Adoption of Jane said...

The shower moment is so true!!! Hope you have a good week Evonne!!

KristinFilut said...

I find myself watching kids shows when the kids aren't even here.

Anonymous said...

I can sing any kids songs that my daughter loved the most. But Tweenies songs are her favorite. I can sing one for you if you want LoL

Hop here from PINT and follow you
Happy Tuesday

Anonymous said...

moms are the greatest;)

Shell said...

Great list!

For me, it's when the kids aren't in the van with me, but I still leave the dvd or kids music keep playing and not even realize it.

Renegades said...

You know you are a mom when you enjoy Toy Story 3 as much as your kids and have watched it twice with them.

Kmama said...

Jdaddy and I will sometimes watch a SpongeBob episode after the kids go to bed because it's one we haven't seen yet. LOL

Amy said...

Great post and list. You know you are a Mom when you climb into bed and find a toy by my feet. Too funny!