Who's in charge?

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Dear parents at the playground yesterday ~ What the hell?!? I thought about placing the blame on your kids, but really, you are the ones supposed to be in charge and keep them in line.

South Park

Rosie's mom ~ Rosie's a dog, by the way. Letting your children play at the above playground in bare feet - not smart! Ignoring them was not wise either. You needed to hang up your phone and listen to your children who were trying to talk to you. Waiting until your children stepped on sleeping Rosie to acknowledge them is just beyond my comprehension.

I would also like to extend this letter to the group of unsupervised children, 8-ish and under ~ Where were your parents and why did you all think it was ok to keep running in and out of the gate to play in the bed of Daddy's truck? As if knocking 2 parents with young children out of the way as you barged back through the gate wasn't bad enough, one of you almost poked your eye out as you knocked the toddler in your group on the ground, causing him to scrape up his face!

Of course that little act did get Daddy to abandon his Quarter Pounder. Unfortunately all he did was roll his eyes and tell you to calm down. Never mind you almost poked your eye out on a metal gate!

Signed ~ Me who feels like Mom of the Year because I knew where my children were the entire time.

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Kmama said...

I think that's probably why I don't take my kids to other places where a lot of kids congregate. I can't stand watching other kids misbehave while their parents do nothing.

Shell said...

It's nice to have moments when you can feel like a good mom.

I have to admit that my kids usually run barefoot on playrounds. Mulch doesn't bother them. They are so weird.

Oka said...

Trying to figure out how my friends and I survived. I grew up on a playground that belonged to two apartment buildings. We never had parental supervision. It was rare that things got bad...if I remember correctly. I do have a story or two though, LOL

Foursons said...

Oh I hate when kids are unsupervised in public! Parents who ignore their kids outta be required to take parenting classes.

Thanks for linking up!