An obstacle course and a cow

Last Saturday was our local Community Day. Yet again I get roped into volunteering to help, and as it turned out I wasn't even needed.

Let me back up and start from the beginning - the fun part.

I wanted to get a good parking spot so we got there when the whole thing started, at 1pm. As it turned out, that was never going to be an issue. Maybe because it's only year 2 of said Community Day, but there really weren't that many people there at any given point in the day.

The husband joined us, which was equivalent to pulling teeth. I needed a way to get Little Dude home so he wouldn't drive me crazy get bored when it came time for me to sit at the Girl Scout booth.

Little Dude had asked to do the climbing wall. We didn't think his legs were big enough to get very far, but we let him try none the less. Surprisingly he made it half way to the top. That's about 20 feet up! But then his foot slipped and he was stuck. Apparent;y 50 pounds is not enough weight to let him slowly descend back to the ground. Once we got the guy's attention, he had to climb up and pull Little Dude back down. But all in all, his climb was pretty impressive.

After seeing her brother do it, of course GG had to give it a try. She made it almost as far up as her brother. Again, pretty impressive. Much better than I could have done! At first she was disappointed, but as we pointed out, along with her friend's dad, she made it further up than he did. I love when a girl can do something better than a boy!

I really wish I had the video to show you. I spent over an hour last night trying to figure out what the heck I was doing. I did manage to get both of their climbs on video on my phone. But when I finally figured out how to upload it to my computer, the darn things were sideways!

Again, smart phone, dumb user!

But I did mange to get a picture of Little Dude going through the inflatable obstacle course - the one he was too little to get through last year.

Obstacle course

The big event was Cow Patty Bingo. For those of you not familiar with this, let me explain.

There's a fenced in area and in this area a grid is painted on the field. A cow comes and is let into said area. The job of the cow is to do it's business on one of the squares. Whoever bought that square wins money.

Just like leading a horse to water, you can lead a cow to a field, but you can't make him poop. And believe me, they tried! Maybe next year, they should feed Candy some fruit before she comes out!


As for my time volunteering, I said I would help and they were watching me walk around with my kids for a good 2 hours. I couldn't' very well blow them off. So off to help I went. At any given time, there were more volunteers/Girl Scouts than there were kids who wanted to make our little craft. But I did stay to help clean up, so my time there did have some sort of purpose.

Until next time....


Kristin said...

It sounds like a fun day.

Anonymous said...

having worked on a farm, I know a few cows that weould be awesome at cow

Steven Anthony
Man Dish~Metro Style

Kmama said...

We hit up our festival this weekend too. It was okay, not as big as usual.

LOL at the cow pie bingo. That is hilarious.