It was a success until...

First day of school
We have officially entered the second week of school.

Kind of

GG had 3 full days last week while Little Dude had 2 1/2. But judging by their book bags after school on Monday, we are in full school mode.

All of the rain forests have been killed off necessary paperwork has been completed by yours truly.

Now it's time to learn!

GG absolutely loves school! She has the teacher that all the boys drool over kids adore. And the majority of her BFFs are in her class. I'm not sure if that is exactly a good thing since she can be quite the chatterbox all the time>at times, but we'll see how the year goes in regards to that. She's already had her first spelling pre-test. She only missed a few. She spelled them like they sound so at least she tried. Hopefully she doesn't spell like the husband. Heaven help me if she does! Yes, he's that bad!

Little Dude appears to love school as well. The getting up in the morning? Not so much! He's like his momma - he loves his sleep and is quite grouchy when awoken to early. Coffee helps me, but I don't think his teacher would appreciate it if I gave him a cup o' joe. Every day he tells us something he learned. At first it was letters, but then he discovered the special classes, like music and gym. They got to use fruit maracas to make music and threw footballs on the playground.

I am beyond excited that they both are enjoying school. We were worried about Little Dude since he wasn't officially in pre-school, but he seems to be doing well. Me on the other hand? That's another story!

I've been so busy with a resale event I participate in that it hasn't fully hit me that I am the only one home. Although I will admit, I thoroughly enjoy listening to whatever music I want at whatever volume I want!

Oh, and homework. That has started, too. And that is where the success may end! GG's is a bit more involved now that she is in the 3rd grade. I don't think she's thrilled with that. Little Dude, who has never had homework before, is starting the war already. Too often when I am trying to help him do something or show him the correct way, we end up butting heads. He is definitely my son! We had a talk about the homework routine, so hopefully after a few days, we'll get a good schedule going and the battles will cease.

I can only hope, right?

Until next time....


Liz Mays said...

I don't enjoy those homework struggles. My daughter did it without a word, my son needed a lot more encouragement!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Bella starts school on Thursday. I sooo know what you mean by the gazillion forms you have to fill out! I call it the Mommy homework, lol! I hope you all have a great year!!!

Oka said...

My 8th and 4th grader aren't thrilled about doing homework, but realize all extra curricular activities will cease to exist if they don't keep up with. My 1st grader and pre-schooler have no idea what real homework is. My first grader is supposed to reader 15 minutes a day. We just do that together, she doesn't realize it's homework.

I think the forms should of been birth control...had I realized how much of a pain it would be to have to fill them out for four.

Kmama said...

Good luck with the homework with Little Dude.

I'm glad they both seem to like school!

Anonymous said...

best to both of them. oh to be young with everything in front og you again ;)

Steven Anthony
Man Dish~Metro Style
Life in the Fish Bowl

Mrs Happy Homemaker said...

I feel you on the getting up early! I homeschool, but still strive to get up early so I have more hours in my day to get things done. I don't fare too well with that! My 5 month old baby boy co-sleeps & I don't wake up til he does..which is often not until 9am! Seems he likes his sleep as much as his Mama does! My 10 year old gets up early..about 7 in the morning. My 9 year old sleeps as late as I do. My goal is to get up earlier..but its so much easier said than done!!

Glad your little ones are doing well in school & good luck with that homework helping! :)