I am putting in my request

I am putting in my request

Leaky water heater

Leaky water heater

I am going to a Macaroni Kid event tonight
Hopefully that will make things all sunshine & rainbows
As long as I avoid the Chik Fil-a playroom!


This appointment may or may not go well.

Not only will I have both kids with me
(will they be like Kool-aid or the Oil Spill?)

But I have some things to discuss with the dr.

My calendar is open

Until next time....


Oka said...

I know this feeling all to well. Absolutely hate when my husband suggest summer is a break for me.

Shell said...

Hope you can have fun at your event tonight!

cfoxes33 said...

I get to do nothing special but clean the house tonight.

Kmama said...

I so know the feeling. And you know what really sucks? When you finally get that day, you'll feel guilty for just sitting around.

Meeko Fabulous said...

I'd gladly take one of those days too.

Di said...

I'll confess - I've taken a sick day from work before to just do nothing. It was divine!

Cyndy Bush said...

I want one of those days too, in fact I NEED one.
I'm checking in to the Macaroni Kid stuff myself...what do you think of it?

Anonymous said...

I need a day to do nothing too! Hope you get one soon.