Incredible but not Edible

Last Wednesday Little Dude went in for his yearly check-up. We did have a few issues, but all in all, it went well.

He's grown 4 inches in the past year and weighs a solid 50 pounds. I'd beg to differ with that number. Try picking this kid up and you'll see what mean!

While we were there I had a few dietary matters to discuss. There are certain foods that seem to give the little guy the runs. I think I've narrowed down that list of foods and most of them appear to be milk related.

The doctor wrote us a prescription to have blood work done. Yuck!

GG was at her Grandma's that day. With 1 less kids, going to the lab would be so much easier. I tried to explain to Little Dude what was going to happen. What I got from him was 10 minutes of repeating the same thing over and over...

Let's go and not get this done with!

Poor kid! But we needed to know!

Yesterday the pediatrician finally called with the results. Little Dude has a very slight, nothing to worry about allergy to egg whites.

incredible but not edible eggs

Excuse me? The boy who had dippy eggs for dinner the night before with no adverse reactions is allergic to egg whites?!

I'm not saying the doctors are wrong, but this kid eats eggs and things with eggs quite often. I guess I could really start to pay attention to what he eats that may contain the culprit, but milk is not on that list. I guess I'll have to bring this topic up when I take GG in for her appointment in a few weeks.

Does anyone have a kid with an egg white allergy? Is there something I am missing and need to pay more attention to?

Until next time....


Oka said...

I don't know anything about egg white allergies. I'm sure there has to be info available though.

Celishia said...

My Nephew has a similar issue. He is sensitive to Milk but actually allergic to egg whites. So we avoid milk products and cook his eggs well. He takes some kind of medication not sure if it's prescription or over the counter, I know I can sub Benadryl when he visits and they forget it.

Celishia said...

He takes the meds when we eat pizza or mac and cheese....but we avoid them as much as possible.

Kmama said...

Little Dude may not be *allergic* to milk, but he could be slightly lactose intolerant.

Buddy has both egg white and egg yolk allergies. We have recently introduced them back into his diet. It mostly manifests as pink cheeks, with dry ezcema-like rashes around his mouth. He will sometimes get super hyper too.

Nic said...

Is he lactose intolerant?

I have a whole slew of food allergies, some I knew about before I was tested (like when I eat raw fruits or veggies and my throat swells) and some I didn't because I've never noticed any adverse reactions to them. Hopefully they can get everything figured out soon for him (and you)!

Amy said...

I do not know anything about your problem. I am so sorry I can't help.. Skype is so easy. You just need a camera mine is built into my lap top and then you get the program for free and you are off. Have a great day..

Queenie Jeannie said...

That does sound odd! Good luck and be sure to press the issue and get the answers you want and need!!! Hugs!