Rah Rah Rah - Shoot me now!

Just say noAnyone who knows me in real life knows that I am not a fan or cheerleaders. Nor was I ever.

You could say I may be biased on this subject. I base this opinion on the cheerleaders I went to school with. They were so overly perky and happy that it made me nauseous or they were snobs. Sometimes both.

And quite frankly, our HS football team sucked! 10+ years later, they still do! Who would want to cheer them on is beyond me.

For the past 2 years GG has been bugging me to be a cheerleader. Sometimes I really think there is a stork somewhere out that drops babies at houses. A child who wants to be a cheerleader could not come out of this body!

But I'm wrong. And I also caved on the matter.

She wanted to sign up at the end of last school year. I told her she never brought home the papers for it and by the time we found out when the sign-up date was, we missed it. There is a possibility I may have thrown that paper away. But I swear I just saw the word football on there. Not cheerleaders and football.

A week ago we saw some cheerleader-y girls hanging papers around the neighborhood. Turns out these papers were for a 2 day long cheer camp. For only 20 bucks, I figured why not. She could get this cheer crap out of her system. As I signed her up and handed over the money, I realized that day 2 of this camp was the morning after our Jimmy Buffett concert. That would only make taking here that much harder.

Jimmy Buffett post coming tomorrow, complete with Jack Sparrow (yum! or not!).

The camp was 3 hours long both days. The high school gym was incredibly hot. And with my dislike of cheerleaders, I just could not bare to sit there longer than I had to. I did arrive early to pick her up so I could at least see a bit of what she was learning.

You could tell every time GG did a move or a jump that she was in love with what she was doing! And I must say, she was pretty good, too. The girls who taught the camp were pretty awesome as well.

My cheerleader
Award for participation
and best jumper!

I think I may be coming around on this whole cheerleader thing. It looks like next year I will not only be a soccer mom, but a cheerleader mom.

Just no minivans for this family!

Until next time....


Cyndy Bush said...

I totally get this. My oldest daughter is so different from me - blonde, blue eyed, popular, perky. I swear she was switched at birth! But my youngest, she is my moody, dramatic bookworm...just like her mama.

Liz Mays said...

Like you, I had a dislike for cheerleaders, but my daughter ended up being a cheerleader in middle school and high school. She did poms too. I actually ended up really enjoying it all!

Oka said...

It's easier to like things when you see the passion your kids have for it all on their own.

Shell said...

LOL I'm glad I don't have to deal with the cheerleader thing. Though, I do drive a minivan...

Kmama said...

LOL at the no minivan comment. Hilarious.

Kristin said...

It can be easier to give in when you see the child has a real passion for it.

Sadly, due to an idiot on a cell phone, we have become a 2 minivan family.

Anonymous said...

congrats to gg..... ;) cheer on

Steven Anthony
Man Dish~Metro Style