My Car Could Do What?!?

About a month ago, I happened to turn the news on when I woke up. Partly because I wanted to catch the traffic and weather before we left to take Chris to work and GG to school. And partly because the noise kept me from falling back asleep! The first thing I heard was not traffic and weather. It was about a car recall. And no, it didn't involve Toyota. On certain Chevy's the power steering could go. Well, guess who's car fall into that recall?

Chevy Cobaltnot our actual car
this is courtesy of Google

Yep, you guessed it!

In the report it was explained that if your power steering goes, it could be difficult to drive your car, especially under 15 mph. I'm sure they explained more, but I still wasn't fully awake at that point.

Last week we got a letter in the mail about this recall. They explained what I already knew. There would also be bells and blinky stuff on the dash to let me, the driver, know the power steering was out. Turn the car off and it should be fine when you start it again - those were the directions. We would get another letter when the dealerships had the new motors so it could be replaced. It doesn't sound like a huge deal so I guess we can stick it out until the next letter comes.

You really thought I'd be that nonchalant about this whole thing?
Ya, right!

Listen here, Chevy peeps! I drive faster than I should on the highway 5 days a week. Are you telling me that if I hear bells and whistles I should turn off the car and restart it? With no power steering, do you really think it's going to be that easy to slow down and pull over? You better hurry up and get those parts in and fix my car! And who's paying for this? Better be you since this is your screw up to begin with!

Now, chop, chop! Get those motors to the dealerships or else...

Ok, I really don't know what else because we only have one car. So while I'm trying to figure out some sort of back up plan and some nasty words in case something does happen, go over and visit Chief for

What I meant

Until next time....


MommyLovesStilettos said...

I have a cobalt as well and my power steering is starting to go out. I just got my letter last week and I'm going to be SO angry if they don't fix it soon.

Kmama said...


However, the power steering going isn't really that huge of a deal (of course you'll want it fixed!). You WILL notice it, but it is driveable. An ex boyfriend of mine had a car without power steering. Aside from it being hard to turn when going really slow, I liked it becuase you could "feel the road" more. Plus, it worked my arm muscles, which was always good. ;-)

Oka said...

I agree with KMama, it's not a big deal until you are driving slow, then it takes a lot of strength to turn it.

With that said, you paid a lot of money for your car, and it's power steering, they need to fix it, sooner than later.

Kristin said...

Hope your car behaves itself until the dealership gets the part.

Unknown said...

OH I remember days before power steering, making sharp turns
SUCKED and yeah you get some awesome arm muscles. Hope they get your part in soon..

Mae Rae said...

Recalls BITE! After spending all the money on a car...that you pay for for the entire good part of its life...This is ridiculous that they cant make it right to begin with.

Anonymous said...

kinda scary, all the recalls going on now days;(

Stacey @ Chasing Cloud 9 said...

It's really scary, seems like every day there's something else being recalled! I hope it continues to behave until the dealership can fix it.

Chief said...

Its not like a recall on the TV ITS YOUR CAR! that will kill you if it doesnt work right!

good Luck Evonne!