Non-domestic Goddess

Yep, the title says it all! Housework is not my thing. I'm not saying I never do it. I do not like complete chaos, but I am definitely not Martha Stewart! I will admit that I vacuum at least once a day. And I do this for 2 reasons...
1. I have 2 (sometimes 3) messy children who leave a trail when they eat anything!
2. The youngest of the group loves to vacuum! Strange, but true!

I have no problems with the house not being perfect. I mean, everyone is fed and happy. What else can I ask for? It's when i get attacked that I freak out. For example, today I decided to Wii Fit. It's been a while and that was not a cheap gift, so I might as well use it. Well, I turned it on and realized that I did NOT want to play Pajama Sam. That's one of Paige's games, but the sad thing is even I can't figure the darn thing out!

Anyway, I went to take out her game and put mine in when I was overcome. Yep, those pesty dust bunnies came out of hiding and attacked! I swear I just got them under control. Those buggers are quick!

And they like to gang up with the gnomes. You know who they are, right? They're the sneaky scoundrels who like to take your stuff and hide it. Ya, they're here all the time.

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