It's What I Do Best!!


I'm pretty sure if you look that word up in the dictionary, my picture would be there. I have a mountain of stuff just chillin in my dining room. Let me back up and explain....

Twice a year there's a HUGE children's resale event by me. This sale is just awesome because
1. I can get rid of all my kids' old stuff
2. I can buy "new" stuff for them without spending an arm and a leg
3. I make money out of the whole thing

Of course #3 is my favorite on that list! =) I think I finally have a system down. I have to separate the clothes by gender, then by size. I tag everything and number it as I enter it online. If I get everything entered by a certain date, then I can pick up my price labels and slap them on the tags early. So come drop-off day, all I need to do is unload and put things where they belong in the store.

While having a system is great, there are also some cons to it. Thinking that it wouldn't take as long to prep everything because I had said system, I waited until the last minute. And now I'm scrambling!!!! Oh, and did I forget to mention the toys? I had to clean them, which was hard enough. Have you ever really looked at how many little nooks and crannies are in your kid's toys?!? Then I had to figure out a way to attach the darn tags! And if I'm selling the Little People Zoo then of course I need to also sell the extra animals that we had for it. Which means I then had to figure out how to securely attach that bag to the original toy and still be able to see the price tag. This didn't seem so hard when I started last night. 2 hours later and no where near the bottom of the pile, I had a different opinion.

I've had 2 months to do all this stuff. That's plenty of time you say. That's what I thought. Until I realized the deadline to enter everything online so I could get my labels early was only a week away and I had barely started!

So now I sit here and blog when what I really need to do is finish the last pile of clothes. Thank goodness I'm on my last pile of clothes because tomorrow is drop-off day!!!

Really, I swear I'm going to work. I'm done spell checking and proof-reading. I'm ready to publish....wait....I think I need a snack....

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