Bob the Builder and stuff

What a crazy weekend! It all started Friday morning. Our Children's Museum has travelling exhibits and this time it's Bob the Builder. Now if you know Mike, you know it was a must that we go. On Fridays and Sundays you could actually meet Bob. Sundays are difficult because we go to Grandma and Pap's and Fridays have been difficult lately. Something always came up!

Well, this Friday we finally made it. We got there when it opened to avoid any parking lot fiascoes like last time (we couldn't get in and there were open spots!). We visited all the rooms, played with all the toys, and met Bob. Mike's face lit up like a Christmas tree! I am so mad that I forgot the camera (again), but believe me he was extremely excited. The museum is halfway between our house and where Chris works so I figured we'd stay there until it was time to get him from work. That was a long day!!!

Friday night was the end of the summer reading party at the library. Paige won a chance to make her own puppet with the puppeteer before the party. There were extra supplies so Mike was able to make one as well. During the party, there was a puppet show, games, prizes, face painting, and Rita's (Italian ice for those who may not know about that place).
Wow did the kids sleep well that night!

Saturday we went to lunch with friends to a German restaurant, HofbrÀuhaus, and it was awesome! We all ate too much food, but it was worth it! After that we went to buy Mike's soccer stuff. He is finally old enough to play. I'm so happy bout that because he is so excited to do something that his sister does, but it's also sad because it means my baby is growing up. The bonus is we got free soccer socks out of it! Dicks has a package deal where you can get the ball, shoes, and shin guards for $35. An employee told me the socks were included and when I explained this to the cashier, she had to give them to me as part of the deal. Sweet!

Today is finally Sunday. I'm not excited about the weekend being over, but there's nothing I can do about that. Altho today is what I call the first official day of summer. The temperature was in the 90s today. There have been maybe 3 days where it hit 80 or above in the past month, so it feels pretty hot. Thank goodness Paige has AC in her room. It also helps to cool off our room. I hate sleeping when it's hot!

Now it's officially bedtime for the kiddos so until next time, bye-bye!

PS. I don't let the kids get their faces painted because Paige broke out one time, but they got their arms done, and that's what the pictures in this entry are.

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