2nd grade

It's finally here! The first day of school!

I have friends who have been counting down the days all summer. Not me! This was my first summer as a stay at home mom and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Until last weekend! Mike knew that a big change was coming and he doesn't always deal well with change. Needless to say, he was a little out of sorts (BIG understatement there!!). The fighting got worse and the messes got bigger. It was time for Paige to go back and have someone else deal with her for a change. I love my daughter more than anything, don't get me wrong, but it was time!

She was so excited this morning to put on some new clothes. I'd post a picture but dummy me forgot the camera....again!

The nerves kicked in, but when she saw her friends, the excitement returned. I was excited as well to see her off to school, but when she walked into the school without me, I think I felt a tear coming.

So now I'm left at home with just a 4 year old. It is so much quieter here now and I might actually start to get stuff done. Of course no sooner do I say this when he decides to be my shadow. Ugh! I also am left to deal with his little quirks. Here's one for you......

He just asked for some "milk and chocolate milk" (he doesn't seem to get that the chocolate is syrup and not milk) and I spilled some milk. Little Mr. Clean freaked out and ran for a towel. And let me just state because I have gotten some heat for this, there is nothing wrong with a child who likes to clean! Sometimes I like to have a little helper. Of course it has to be on his terms and not mine. Heaven forbid you ask Mike to clean something! It won't get done.

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GramMary said...

You need to remember the camera for us old folks. And it's wonderful that Mike cleans. Just hope he keeps it up thru high school.