I'm hooked!!!

So a few months ago I decided to take up a new hobby - crochet. Well, I am hooked! No pun intended. Well, maybe a little pun =). Anyway, it took a few tries and some youtube videos for me to really understand what to do. The first project I decided to do was easy, or so I thought. Let's just say I started it in April and it's still not done. Sorry I can't go into further detail, but I can't give away what it is. It's a surprise for someone who I know reads this.

When I felt I needed a break from that project (I guess it was a lot of breaks or else it would be finished by now), I worked on a few other things for the kids. I discovered it's a lot of fun to make animals. Then I heard some exciting news in my family and said, hey, I can make something for that, too!! So, yes, the original project was put on the back burner...again. Well, the exciting news on my end is that I have finished this 2nd big project, which would make it the 1st big thing I have completed. Yay me!!!! Sorry, but again I cannot explain what this one is either because like the 1st, it's also a gift. I'm sure at some point I will reveal everything.

Now the problem is, what to do with this new hobby once my big projects are out of the way. Hmmm...any ideas? I do take requests =)

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