Are you ready for some football!!!

It's that time of year again, thank goodness. I say that because hockey is over and who cares about baseball. I was starting to go through sports withdrawal!! As you can see, I'm not the only one exited about the Steelers. He is so excited to wear his new jersey and I don't feel like a dork now when he wears it. His last one was #7. That's the same one Paige and I have. Even Paige's pink jersey is Big Ben! Now we just have to get Chris a Polamalu jersey. The girls will match and the boys will match. LOL!!

It's funny because as I type this, Mike is talking about football season being over. All throughout the hockey season he kept insisting on watching football instead. Thank goodness for the NFL network! And now that football is here, he wants hockey. But that's Mike for you - always wanting what he can't have. Guess I'll have to turn on the NHL network for him.

Before I go, here's some more little fans for you....

This would be Mike watching Paige properly use her Terrible Towel. Mike thought it was a carpet that needed vacuumed. Let me tell you, Paige yelled at him. We do NOT disrespect the towel like that. The Titans can attest to that!

And here's Mike looking like the crazy fan he is!

One of these things is not like the others (I love Sesame Street)....

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