I'm green

The exact location of our house is both a blessing and a curse. We live on a hill. Our neighbor's house sits just a tad higher than ours. Our first summer here I quickly discovered that their house blocks the afternoon sun from reaching in through our windows. We don't have central air, so in the scorching summer months, this is definitely a blessing. The hill behind our house is covered with trees. It's a blessing because it provides shade for the kids to play. It's a curse because we have to rake the leaves every fall at least three times.

As much as I appreciate the shade provided to both our front and back yard, this proves to be a problem if I ever wanted to grow any kind of plants or flowers. Not that I'm very good at keeping things alive to begin with! How the kids are still thriving sometimes amazes me!

Over the years I have discovered that I am the master of impatients. Those pretty little flowers thrive in the shade! Outside of a few select flowers that I can manage to not kill, I've always wanted to grow a few vegetables or herbs. I don't have the patience for a full blown garden, but a few veggie plants would be nice. We all love fresh veggies!

A few months ago when the Easter Bunny was shopping, I she decided to pick up a pack of sweet peppers and a pack of strawberries. The kids were so excited about having their own plants and a few weeks ago, we finally got around to planting some seeds. I chose a few pots and we carefully placed the seeds in the moist dirt. I really didn't expect anything to grow. I'm lucky to keep plastic plants looking nice and new!

Every night the kids and I would diligently water all of our pots. Every night we would say "I hope something grows". Early last weekend, GG and I noticed some green in her strawberry pot! I'm a little upset that after all the seeds we planted, only 2 grew. But 2 are better than none. We rejoiced!

Her and I tried to be optimistic for Little Dude because his pots were still holding nothing but dirt. Until Monday! A teeny speck of green was starting to poke out of the dirt. My boy was so thrilled to finally see that he has his very own plant to take care of.

As of tonight we are just a tad more excited. We now have 2 strawberry plants and 5 pepper plants sprouting!

As if growing veggies isn't fantabulous enough, I also managed to have a geranium come back! I always thought they bloomed and were done. Something must have been hiding in the soil because I now have a baby geranium!

Who knew I actually had a green thumb? Certainly not me!

Until next time...


Anonymous said...

So hard to grow things from seed - good job!!

I always cheat and buy the plants that are already started ;-) Hopefully we will find a home soon and I can put in my own little vegetable garden!

cfoxes33 said...

My husband has a green thumb, so we have a lot of things in our garden. But, this is the first year I have replanted the easter lillies I bought through church. I hope they last.

Emmy said...

Yes growing up we always had a huge garden and my mom had flowers everywhere... me my thumb is a bit black.

Amy said...

yeah on your garden..