What the future holds

Quite often I watch my kids play and wonder what they will be when they grow up. Sometimes their interests change as often as I change my underwear, but other things remain the same.

Around the time that Little Dude turned 1, he became infatuated with any and all things construction. I know that all kids go through phases of favorite things, but this digger obsession is still going strong almost 5 years later.

My boy loves to build and dig. The amount of dirt hiding in his arm pits the other night was nothing short of astounding! A construction worker would be the perfect job for him if his love continues.

Over the past year or so, Little Dude has also found love in art. He loves to draw and create. He is so proud of his artwork that he hangs almost every piece of it on a wall somewhere in the house. Right now I have quite a fleet or paper airplanes on the walls around the living room! Perhaps his new found love of art combined with his love to dig and build could lead to a career as an architect.

GG, on the other hand, I'm not sure if I have her figured out just yet. Some days I just hope I'm downright wrong in my theories on her future career.

Her imagination is incredible. She loves to make up little skits and perform for anyone who will watch. Currently her favorite thing to do is pretend to be an animal. The other day she was dressed to the nines as a cat, tail included. She crawled around the house, meowing and rubbing against my leg. At one point, she yelled at her brother to move. He was sitting where she liked to chase her tail. The following day, she was a dog who loved to play fetch. She must have been bored by that, and turned back into a cat by the weekend. She even went as far as taping whiskers to her cheeks. If she doesn't turn this fascination into an acting career, perhaps she will one day be a veterinarian.

GG also loves to sing. She sings in the tub. She sings while doing the dishes. I'm surprised she doesn't sing in her sleep. She may not always sing very well, but if fine tuned, maybe she will be the next American Idol.

My concern for GG comes when she goes outside to play. If she's not making up some crazy game with rules only known to her, she is dancing. One of her favorite things to do while dancing? Climb and swing around to poles that hold support the roof of the porch.

I can handle and support the struggles that come with trying to make a career out of singing or acting. But every time I hear myself say "Quit swinging on the poles!" all I can think is please god, don't let my daughter be a stripper!

What do you think your kids will be when they grow up?

Until next time...


Oka said...

I have no clue what my kids will be when they grow up. I am only currently trying to figure out my oldest.

Kmama said...

Haha!! GG cracks me up.

I have a feeling Buddy will be working in management somehow. Or an athlete. He loves to boss people around.

Not sure about Buster yet. He's going to be very smart though.

PythonKatie said...

My family swears that God made me fat JUST so I wouldn't be a whore of some sort...sad thing isn't it? ::snort::

Being a Las Vegas Showgirl is a worthy profession and very clean and without disease and crazy men putting dollar bills in her g-string. Steer her that direction maybe? :-)

I have no clue about my kids...they have such strong personalities...but careers...too early to tell yet!