Fast as lightening

Tuesday night was my third annual Jimmy Buffett concert. I had a blast, but needless to say, yesterday was definitely a day of recovery. I needed to grocery shopping in the worst way, but I just wasn't up for it. Instead the kids and I went to Target for a few necessities. Because taking two kids to Target is much better than to a grocery store with a babysitting room, right?

I blame it on the after effects of the alcohol.

Anyway, while we were walking through the toy section (apparently I am a glutton for punishment!), I noticed that bikes were on sale. Little Dude needed a new bike in the worst way. A 12 inch bike doesn't really work for a 4 foot tall almost 6 year old!

Walt Disney himself must have been sending me shooting stars filled with subliminal messages. Little Dude had been talking about Cars all morning long. And I mean all! The bike with the best deal? It was a Cars bike. Score!

Cars bike

As soon as we got home, my hungover self decided to try and put it together. Again, glutton for punishment? After much cursing and a smashed finger, I finally got 3/4 of the bike together. I couldn't figure out the handle bars for the life of me so that had to wait til we picked the husband up from work.

Now that the bike is all put together, I have one happy little boy!

Cars bike

Just so you know, I didn't forget about GG. Thankfully she didn't insist on getting something new that cost the same as the bike. It wouldn't have happened anyway! She is now the proud owner of a full sized metal Slinky. We've been looking for one of those for ages!

She also now has a mini pink sock monkey that we call Amy.

Until next time...


Kmama said...

Buster would flip over a Cars bike!! He's wearing his Cars t-shirt today, and oh so proudly.

Little Dude looks so happy!

Oka said...

I thought Bubby was getting a Car's Bike for his BIrthday, but he ended up choosing Hot Wheels. It was actually perfect. He got a 14" which they didn't have in Cars.

Going to the movie tomorrow?

Cyndy Bush said...

I am totally impressed that you even attempted to put a bike together in any condition! Go mama!