The lesser of 2 evils - PMM

I always have proud moments when it comes to being a mom. Most times I truly am proud of something that my kids did. Other times, when I say I am proud, the words are dripping with sarcasm.

The past week or so has been rough. I've been crazy busy doing this and driving there. Add to that all the last minute things that come with the final weeks of school (help!). You would think I would be full of proud and not so proud moments, but I couldn't come up with a darn thing.

Until I decided to do some cleaning in the kitchen.

GG is 9 years old. As a 9 year old, I feel she is definitely responsible enough for some chores. Of course her (and her brother) are responsible for keeping their rooms cleaned, putting away toys in the living room, and making sure their dirty dishes are in the sink. But GG is ready for some extra stuff. Even if she wasn't ready, I'm tired of doing it all!

Her main chore is to wash the dishes. It really wasn't that hard to convince her to wash the dishes in the first place. This post explains what started it. Naturally after a few weeks, she became bored of doing the dishes and would protest. Every night! But then I bought an actual dish drainer. Her excitement returned. And just as that joy was about to disappear yet again, I returned home with a mat to go under the dish drainer. For the past 2 weeks, she has not complained about doing the dishes. Thank goodness!

However, just because she is not complaining doesn't mean I'm not complaining.

GG rarely gets the water hot enough. Heck, most of the time it's still freezing cold. Cold water accomplishes crap when it comes to grease. I'm always the one to notice the leftover grease because I am the one who puts the dishes away. Time and time again, I have to turn to handle to warm the water up. I thought we were making progress, but apparently I didn't catch her in time last night.

As I was putting away the dishes, quite a few of them slipped out of my hands. Luckily nothing broke. Some of our mugs are surprisingly bouncy! As I'm transferring the still dirty dishes back to the sink, I start mumbling to myself. "She really needs to wash the outside of the dishes, too".

This stopped me dead in my tracks. My own mom used to say those words to me all the time when I washed the dishes as a kid.

I'm not sure which is the greater mom fail here - the fact that my daughter still hasn't figured out how to wash dishes the right way the first time. Or the fact that I may be turning into my own mom!

Check out my post from earlier today, too! That is something I am truly proud of!

Until next time...


Emmy said...

Lol! Yes, it sometimes is scary and sometimes good when we realize we are turning into our mothers.
I don't think my husband will be able to let our kids wash the dishes for a while-much too picky about how they are done :)

Oka said...

amazing how we learn there were times our mothers were right

Amy said...

my brother and I use to have to take turns doing dishes. We had a dish washer so that was nice.. It was not a fun chore but it had to be done.. Have a great day.. I hope you guys get this all figured out..

Claudya Martinez said...

I catch myself saying things my mom said all the time. The worst is that they are things that used to bug me to no end.

Kmama said...

It's funny that you used the term "Mom fail" in your PMM moments post just like I did. LOL

Thanks for linking up!

Shell said...

I cannot wait until my boys are old enough to do the dishes. I wonder if I'll complain, too. Probably. LOL