Oh, oh, it's magic

Last week I shared our sink debacle. I was hoping by Friday afternoon our bathroom would be nice and new again. But no such luck.

I stayed home with the kids thinking the plumber would show, because that's what our landlord said. Finally after lunch I called to find out what was going on. After I explained to the man who answered the phone who I was and why I was calling, he told me to call back in half an hour. The secretary would be back by then. Why did he even bother answering the phone?!

To kill some time, the kids and I took a walk to the convenient store at the top of our hill. It was starting to thunder, so I was trying to hurry them up. Since my day was already going anything but planned, it shouldn't have surprised me that the skies opened up as soon as I was paying for our stuff. We tried to wait it out, but after a few minutes it didn't look like it was going to stop any time soon. The kids and I decided to run home. Besides, all of our windows were open anyway. Long story short, don't ever try to run downhill in the pouring rain wearing flip flops. You will end up barefoot!

When we returned home, I called the landlord's office once again. The secretary put me on hold to call the plumber. When she returned to the line, she told me he would be out Monday or Tuesday and he would call to set up an exact time. Livid didn't even begin to describe my emotions. Our sink was busted, the second floor was a mess. I was done!

I'm typing this post out Monday night and the plumber or landlord still haven't called. But I'm not sure if it's really a big deal anymore.

Friday night while getting the kids ready for bed, the water in the dink magically disappeared and it was draining like new. This has happened in the past and it wouldn't surprise me if it happened again down the road. But for now, I'm sick of sitting at home waiting. I'm sick of my second floor being a mess. I'm putting everything back in it's place and calling it a day.

Until next time...


Oka said...

I still think you should give the landlord a piece of your mind.

Kmama said...

What a mess!! I would be so irritated.

PythonKatie said...

Dang girl! Sounds like a really rough few days. I'm so sorry!

(((HUGS))) a bit late, but still there!