A call no mom wants to get

Karma is a bitch. Plain and simple. I keep saying things and those things keep coming back and biting me in the ass.
karmaI had been bragging for quite some time about my kids rarely getting sick while all their friends were dropping like flies. BOOM! Ear infection with one and pneumonia with the other.

Yesterday really solidified that karma is definitely not my friend. I received one of the phone calls no mother wants to get. A call from the teacher can be bad enough, but a call from the school nurse is never good.

I'm sure the nurse explained everything that she knew, but I only heard bits and pieces. Your son. Bathroom. Head. Doesn't remember what happened.

Oh shit!

I took a few deep breaths before I got in the car. The last thing I needed to do while freaked out was drive! Luckily the school is only around the corner.

What we think happened was my boy banged his head on something in the bathroom. If it wasn't the bathroom, it was the hinge of his classroom door. Anything is possible with Little Dude! How this injury was discovered, since he doesn't remember, was by a friend. One of Little Dude's classmates pointed out that he had blood on his neck. When he went to wipe it off, his teacher noticed that it was in his hair as well. This prompted a trip to the nurse's office.

The nurse explained that his cut didn't look deep enough for stitches, but the fact that he had no clue how it got there was disconcerting. Concussion was where my mind immediately went. And I'm sure hers, too.

Since we were unsure about him needing stitches, I really didn't want to wait in the ER to have them send me home. I would if I had to, but I thought to call our pediatrician instead. My favorite doctor (he really is!) looked at his head, asked a few questions, and did some test to rule out a concussion. Thankfully stitches were not on the agenda. We were sent home with directions to apply antibiotic cream and avoid sports, pools, and washing hair for a few days.

Head injury
We don't have pool passes yet and my boy is quite happy to not have his hair washed. But how the hell am I supposed to keep him engaged in calm activities? This is obviously not something a boy who busts his head open is good at!

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Oka said...

this is when I don't hold back, I constantly nag, and if that don't work, I pull out the zip ties ;) LOL

Kmama said...

I'm so glad it wasn't more serious and that he's okay. That looks like it hurts!

BNM said...

oh wow bless his heart! Poor baby!

Unknown said...

Oy yeah, my mom has gotten the phone call from the school nurse that I busted my eye on my way out of the girls room as some one was running in from outside. I was about five or six and had my glasses busted on my face and have a scar under the eye where I got cut from that tackle but my mom did the freak out too. Sounds like Lil Dude might need a helmet! Hope he's feeling better soon.

Liz said...

At least it wasn't a concussion! Maddie gave herself one once, and it was so hard as she started walking again after it.

Rachel said...

Ha my 5 year old nephew fell off his bunk bed last week and his parents were told to keep him calm and relaxed for THREE DAYS. He had a concussion. Dude was jumping off the swing set that afternoon thought my sister in law was going to knock him into another concussion or worry herself into a heart attack...LOL You cannot keep these boys calm for a minute never mind hours and days!