Spam inflates my ego

Excluding the porn and medications because I try to keep it family friendly over here

Here is a peek at some of the amusing spam comments left by someone or something, along with my input of course!

I would love to have a guest poster! It really is something I have been considering. But it's really hard to get you to do it, Mr. Spambot, because not only are you anonymous, but you're a no-reply!

Um, thanks? But the post you left this on really didn't have anything informative. Just pictures of my kids playing in the snow. Should I be worried now?

Wow! Thanks! You're really starting to inflate my ego! Damn those search engines! I'm sure trying to get your kids to do chores is a highly sought after subject.

Um, what?

Unless you know something that I don't, there aren't any advertisements on my blog. Perhaps you hit the little resize button up there on the top of your browser? I hear that may resize things, too!

Again, inflating the ego! I love it! Since anonymous is a no-reply, I'll just let everyone in on my little secret as to how I made my current blog look so damn good. The Cutest Blog on the Block. See their ad up there on the top left? Wait, does clicking that resize browsers? Be careful then!

If spammers weren't so good at inflating my ego, I might turn anonymous comments off!

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Miss Mel said...

I need a spammer to inflate my ego! For real, I will be a guest blogger. Do I count as a blogger? What could I write about? Love my Umbel family!!

Oka said...

I could see these as ego boosting to LMAO.

And to think I was all excited about some spam I got in my email... "You could be bigger and last longer." I mean that is great news. I am already too big, and have been told this will shorten my life. But now there is evidently a product out there that will let me be bigger and live longer, right? Isn't that exciting? Or maybe I should of opened the e-mail to get more info????

Kmama said...

LOL! I get that last one a lot. And tons of drugs/medications ones each day. Stupid spammers!

Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

Lol. Don't you just love the no-reply.
I will have to be on the lookout for the resizing browsers :-)

Kristin said...

Those are funny. I have to say my favorites are the ones written in Japanese writing.

Losing Brownies said...

I've gotten a few of those too!!

Rachel said...

Spam is fun on so many levels huh..well no not really.

Unknown said...

Damn those search engines INDEED!! HAppy PINT- following you now- hope to see you by my place soon!

Cyndy Bush said...

Those are hilarious! I get almost NO spam comments. Seriously. I wonder why? I got one the other day though that just said "you are invited to follow my blog". I Just laughed! That's not how it works, buddy.

KristinFilut said...

I'm so lucky to get next to no spam comments, but I really do hate

I feel another public service post coming on!

PythonKatie said...

Through the years I've had several blogs...currently operating have never - not ONCE received a spam comment!

I get comments all the time...but never spam..

Is something wrong with me?

New follower btw! :-)