What the...

There I was last night racking my brain to come up with something to blog about today and I kept drawing blanks. And then, BLAM-O!!! 11 o'clock last night pure comedy that I just have to share!

Little Dude is potty trained
*insert Ren & Stimpy's Happy, happy, joy, joy*

But, he still sometimes has trouble making it through he whole night without an accident. So, around 11 when I head up to bed, I wake him up and drag walk him to the bathroom. Firstly, he scared the crap out of me cuz he wasn't in his bed. I thought maybe he was snuggled all warm under his immense pile o' blankets, but alas he was not there. Turns out he was in our bed. I yell and scream rub his back to wake him up and ignore the tears and hissy fit shuffle him into the bathroom. I had to wrestle him out of his pj's. And by the way, footie pj's are not ideal for a child to wear when you have to wake them up in the middle of the night to pee!

Anyway, I finally get his pj's down and there it is - my blog post! Let me back up and explain this fascination. And no it's not anything gross so get your mind out of the gutters and just keep reading.

It all started back before Little Dude was born. We took GG to Build-a-Bear to make something for her soon to arrive baby brother. We found a bear that was meant for kids with allergies and asthma. I figured that would be good for a new baby, plus it didn't have any small parts that could pose a potential chocking hazard.

Here's Uno
The bear GG lovingly made
for her brother

When he was a few months old and more mobile and aware of his surroundings, he completely fell in love with this bear. He loves it so much that we've had to take it back to the store twice to get restuffed! And his favorite part of it was the tag. If he wasn't holding it, he was chewing on it. That reminded me of the blankets that a little girl had when I worked in daycare. She had at least one Taggie blanket for every day of the week. Thus began our quest to find such blankets. And here enters E-bay to save the day! Of course, now those blankets are everywhere! Doesn't that figure!

This is actually one of 2 Taggies we have.
The first was from E-bay 4 years ago
and I came across #2
at a consignment sale a few months ago.

The exact same blanket, too!

Anywho, back to what I found.

Still recovering from the shock of thinking I lost my son, I zip down his pain in the butt pj's, and there they are. His Taggie blankets were shoved inside his pj's!!! Not one, but both of them!

I don't know why and he wasn't coherent enough to answer my questions and he probably doesn't even remember doing it, but what the...?!?

Oh, and ya, he's wearing his coat in the picture with his blanket. I took that pic this morning an hour after we got home. He refused to take his coat off. Again...what the...?!?

Until next time...


Amy said...

any tips on potty training???

Cluttered Brain said...

Did you take a picture of him with his blankets shoved in his PJ's?

Or were U pretty tired at that point?

Just curious... Hilarious....

Shell said...

In his pjs? That's so funny.

I love footie pjs, but I've stopped using them for my potty trained boys. I don't want the hassle.

Kmama said...

That's hilarious! Although, both of my boys have a "lovey" and they tend to smoosh them under their belly, so I can imagine one of them stuffing it into their pj's.

Anonymous said...

life with children must be one funny thing after another...lol way cute;)

Unknown said...

Great Blog. Happy Holidays!!!!
Beth-Forever Friends

Mae Rae said...

that is a riot! in his pj's?