It's Off to Oz I Go

This weather is insane! I guess I really shouldn't complain that much cuz other parts of the country got a boatload of snow.


Ok, honestly, I could go for one good snow storm.
One that shuts everything down

and you can do nothing but make snowmen.

But no snow other than that please!!!

Anyway, this morning was gorgeous! The sun was out, it was warm. I'm glad I waited to put the Christmas lights outside because today was the best day to do that. But I'm sure I'll lose a few fingers to frostbite when it comes to taking them down next spring.

So it's 12:30 and I'm screaming at the boy, hanging laundry, eating lunch getting ready to take Little Dude to storytime at the library.

By the way, I am very impressed with how well he does there. Last year was a nightmare! All he wanted to do was run around.

Anyway, as soon as I open the front door to leave, there's the wind and here come the black clouds of death. For the first, and probably the last time, I parked in the spot right in front of the door. Good thing, too, cuz at that point it was raining sideways. But when we left at 2 it was beautiful again. I hoped and prayed that it would hold off til after we got GG from school. But I knew that was a whole lot of false hope.

Sure enough, mother nature kicked my ass! We left a little early to get my favorite parking space. The one where I can pull out and go the opposite direction of everyone else. I also had to stop at the store. We walked out of the store, were pelted in the face by the rain (it hurt like hell, too!), and the wind blew Little Dude into the glass on the front of the store. So hard that I had to make sure he didn't break the glass! Oh, he's ok too. Thank goodness for my favorite crossing guard who helped us cross quicker than ever before and off we ran for the car. I figured we'd sit in there until 2:58 - just enough time left to run to the school, grab GG, and run back to the car. Hopefully we wouldn't get too wet because an umbrella was pointless, especially one from the dollar store!

Doesn't it figure
today was the one day

she got out early!!!

My poor baby was standing
in the hurricane force winds and rain
with me no where in sight.

We sprint back to the car, jump in and crank the heat. GG is coughing like you wouldn't believe! She's getting over a cold, which always triggers her asthma, and running in the cold air did not help her AT ALL!!!

I caught whatever the kids had so it wouldn't surprise me if I end up with pneumonia!

Plus I probably have whatever that little booger 1st grader who kept coughing all over me when I was wrapping his gifts from the Santa Shop has. Damn him! And his mother, too, cuz, quite frankly, she's a bit loopy and doesn't teach her kid to cover his mouth.

Well, GG wants to play and I guess I should probably play with her. I think I'm dying so might as well get all the play time out of the way while I still can.

Until next time (assuming I don't die from all these germs)...


Liz Mays said...

The smack into the window, my gosh!!! I'm glad he's ok!

Anonymous said...

Im with you, let it snow once and then let someone else have it......glad little man is ok;)


Kmama said...

The other side of my state (where I'm originally from) is getting dumped on. We are getting an inch. LOL

Amy said...

we got a tons of snow and wind today.. Boo

Unknown said...

I gots all the snow! :)

Tracie said...

Yikes! What a day!