To Whom It May Concern

Dear Mother Nature,

Please let me know where I did you wrong? I really do not appreciate what you have done to me! The
6 inches on snow you dumped on us last weekend was quite enough for me. But then you decided to make it rain and turn it all into a slushy, yucky mess. And just when everything clears up, you take a lovely white dump on us again!

What I don't understand is why the South Hills is worse than the North Hills. Isn't the north supposed to get more snow than the south? WTH?!? Need I remind you that we live on a hill and our driveway is a hill. Just because I have mastered the art of picking up enough speed down the hill to pull all the way into our driveway without hitting the truck doesn't mean you should give me a reason to do it!

Thankfully my mother-in-law found the kids proper snow playing gloves. But that just gives them another reason to want to play in the white crap outside! Getting them dressed to go outside is hard enough. Stripping them down when they're done without tracking snow through the whole house - well, that's not a process I enjoy AT ALL!!!!!

I had planned on bringing the decorations in from outside today, but I guess I won't be doing that! I have candy canes staked into the yard and you're making it rather difficult to remove them. I refuse to be one of those people who leave their Christmas stuff up until May! Heck, I've seen people leave them up all year!!! Hello - if you can't take down your icicle lights, than maybe you shouldn't put them up in the first place!

No, no, and NO....
I will NOT
be one of those people!!!

In conclusion, please let me know what I can do to make amends. If I'm nice enough, can we skip straight to summer? I'll even settle for Spring!



Mae Rae said...

I am with you on the Mother Nature snowing and then raining. ugh, I so dislike slush.

Amy said...

I am not happy with the snow either. I have fallen once already and the slush is no fun either. Come on Summer.. Miss my walks.

Kmama said...

Ha ha ha. And I was bitching because on Christmas day here in MICHIGAN it looked like a beautiful SPRING day. No snow to be seen anywhere. I now have a couple inches on the ground and am much happier. LOL

Shell said...

I don't think I'll ever miss those winters in the 'burgh.

Anonymous said...

when she gets back to ya, ask her what I need to do to get this white crap out of my area as well.... ;)

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

How about we trade? I would loooooove to see some snow and you could come hang in Florida. : )

Tracie said...

I'm ready for Spring, too!

Anti-Supermom said...

What the heck, here I am complaining about the 17" we got :)

Jut kidding - I live in Minnesota, I'm asking for it!