He's So Close!

Oh, the dreaded Christmas card! I gave up this year. No one would give me a decent picture.

Eyes were closed

Someone was staring at some invisible thing on the wall behind me

Little Dude Someone looks drunk

I think it all started with this picture...

See, when it comes to kids, once you laugh at something they do, they keep doing it. WTH?!?

So to ease my disappointment of not getting a decent picture for Christmas cards, help me out and vote for this little guy over at parenting BY dummies Merry Effin Christmas contest.



I'll love you forever!!!!

He's so close to the top 5.
Come on people, we can do it!!!!!

The contest ends today so hurry up and get over there! I promise this is the last day I'll beg for some love for my little boy. Isn't he cute? Just wants to make you run over and proclaim your love for

Assuming I don't burn down the house attempting to make cookies for a party tonight, I'll be back later to post a normal, non-begging post.

Until then, VOTE FOR #16!!!!!!!

Until next time...


Shell said...

I'll go vote for you!

Anonymous said...

I think that pick would be a great card...lol Im on my way to vote for you now;)

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Anonymous said...

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