Case of the missing...

A shining moment in this job known as motherhood is the day you can close the bathroom door. And have it remain closed.

At 6 and 9, my kids are certainly not old enough to be home by themselves, but they are old enough to fend for themselves for the 10 minutes I need to shower. SpongeBob may also have a role in this.

When nature calls, I can sit down, close the door, and pee in peace. When monthly Mother Nature calls (bitch!), I no longer have to worry about little people barging in asking what I am doing. I've already skirted that conversation with the 6 year old boy and have no plans to discuss it again any time soon!

My midgets have also started to grasp the concept of privacy. They also like to pee in peace. This is evident by Little Dude's smashed fingers when he tries to interrupt GG taking care of her business.

As much as I relish this shining moment in motherhood, I fear it needs to come to an end. At least in regards to the boy.

No one warned me that boys have a fascination with the bathroom an everything in it.

A few months ago I bought some Dixie cups for a tasty summer treat. I also bought the coinciding cup dispenser with the hopes it would prevent little should be sleeping children from coming downstairs at bedtime. Why bother mom when they can get a drink themselves. However, instead of reusing one cup for a refill, they use multiple cups.

I have also discovered missing Q-tips. For quite a while Little Dude was swiping them to use for one craft or another. He enjoys art, so at first it wasn't a big deal. However, when I flush the toilet and see a bunch of Q-tips rise to the top, it becomes a big deal.

The most recent item to have gone missing were my makeup remover towelettes.

Around the time I bought the Dixie cups, I also bought a pack of Cottonelle Wipes. I was really tired of wiping asses and I thought this would relieve me of that duty. I'm not entirely positive, but I think Little Dude was using my makeup removing towelettes to wipe his ass. The package claims to remove impurities. I suppose bodily functions would fall into that category.

I think from now on I'll have to relish in a bright moment and not shining since I can only have the bathroom door closed half of the time now.

Until next time...


Unknown said...

What is it about boys and their fascination with everything in the bathroom. Mine are much older and still do it with anything I get that is new to them..

Kmama said...

That's funny. My boys don't really get into much (knock on wood!!), so I'm thankfully allowed to get by with the door closed. ;-)

Unknown said...

Oh yeah, that "mother nature" thing. Since potty training Chessa she has become WAY interested in what I'm doing in the bathroom. Trying to avoid the "what's dat?" question when that is a tampon is my new mommy skill.

Emmy said...

Lol! It removes impurities- too too funny