Why I Became a Mom

I honestly don't know.

Some days I think I have it all together. Other days... far from it!

As a thank you for attending PTA meetings and helping out where I could last year, I was given a desk calendar from the officers. Thank you ladies! I know at least one of you reads!

This calendar is set to the school year so I had to wait until August to use it. I came up with a brilliant idea to keep everyone straight. Each person would be assigned a color. GG is purple, Little Dude is red, the husband and I are blue. I can now easily see who has scouts when, what days GG needs to take her flute to school, and where I need to be on certain days.

However, this plan is not fool proof.

The shower is a great place for me to think, assuming little people don't barge in on me because of a pee emergency. Sunday night I was in the shower. As I was washing Garnier suds out of my hair, I starting thinking about what I needed to do in the upcoming week. My mind wandered to a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese earlier in the day that I opted out of taking Little Dude to. I really didn't feel like dealing with that place. Also, Sundays are our days at my in-laws house. Opting for the in-laws tells you how much I dislike Chuck E. Cheese!

I started feeling pretty good about not having to deal with that giant rodent when it hit me. Little Dude was supposed to go to a birthday party on Saturday as well. I told the mom we would probably be there, but I forgot to write in on my calendar with the red pen. Oops!

"Probably" makes it ok that I forgot to take my boy, right?

Someone please remind me of this post if I ever start to think about another child. I can't even keep the ones I have straight!

Until next time...


Oka said...

I have had a family calendar in the kitchen for the family, but I do better with my yahoo calendar. I seem to think about schedules when I am on the computer.

Kmama said...

I do all my best thinking in the shower!!

Sorry you missed the birthday party. Obviously Little Dude wasn't too upset about it, so that's good!

Unknown said...

Well at least he didn't remember it either which is good right. I would send an apology card with a little something in it to the mom so she knows it wasn't purposeful.

BNM said...

I have calenders and lists all over my house and I still forget to do things.. just blame it on mommybrain haha