Fly by

Last year, Little Dude and I went to the air show with my sister-from-another-mister and her daughter. Except for sitting in traffic for close to four hours, we had a phenomenal time. By the way, it's a 30 minute trip any other day. I guess that what happens when you go to a military base for an air show on 9/11.

I knew as soon as we walked through the gates that we had to go back and take GG with us. So this past weekend that's exactly what we did.

I packed up the kids and we were out the door by 9:30am. It is quite a feat to get me ready to anywhere before noon on the weekends!

By the end of our four hours at the base, the kids pretended to be pilots.

Wings over Pittsburgh
Wings over PittsburghI promise he's happy
It was insanely hot in that cockpit!

We also found out that it takes 2 years, start to finish, to learn to fly a plane.

We stood in front of planes that reflected our Pittsburgh pride.

Wings over Pittsburgh

And we walked through planes bigger than any we have ever seen.

Wings over Pittsburgh

We saw combat helicopters perform scary, yet awesome tricks. We saw a little red plane do flips in the sky as easily as a child doing a somersault in the grass. We were given a fly by from an F-16, followed by a sonic boom, GG's favorite part of the day.

I'm not sure of the dates for next year's show, but I can guarantee that we will return.

Until next time...


Oka said...

did you have the same wait in traffic this year.

Kmama said...

I still remember going to an air show when I was very young. Some day I'll have to get the boys to one.

Losing Brownies said...

We have an AF Base down the street from us. I remember going to airshows there as a kid. Although I don't think they have them as frequently anymore.