Our own aviary

Lories at the aviaryIn my city we have a wonderful aviary. There are all kinds of birds there. I love going in to the tropical room. It's like Where's Waldo, except with birds. You could stand in that room for hours and never see the same bird twice.

But my absolute favorite are the Lories. Those are Lories over there on the left. Everybody gets a cup of nectar before walking into their room. They perch on your shoulders and arms, as well as drink the nectar from your cup. Loud, but beautiful birds.

I have decided that this summer we may not visit the aviary. The price of everything is going up. I'm ready to have another child just so I could sell it to be able to put gas in our car.

Instead of going to the Aviary, the kids and are going to line our camping chairs on the back porch and watch what is already out there.

Last week I shared pictures of the robin nest forming on a shelf on our back porch. This thing is a monstrosity! Originally I decided that robins are the hoarders of birds. Other than twigs, there were wrappers and dryer sheets up in that nest. Upon further investigation, I realized that they are not hoarders. They are very resourceful birds.

The mass of twigs, from what I can figure, is a make-shift tree. Building on the shelf provides stability. Tucked in the way back of the mass of twigs and garbage is an actual nest.

Robin nest

I'm sure before we know it, that little nest will be full of tiny blue eggs. Let's just hope that the birds don't try to fly in the house. Being right next to the back door, this could be a real possibility.

Not only do we have the robins to sit and watch, but I have noticed the beginnings of yet another nest. This one is being built by tiny birds. Wrens perhaps? Their nest is tucked up in the awning of our porch roof. I can't take a picture and I can't knock it out even if I wanted to. And I kind of do!

These wrens are so skittish. I can see them sitting in the trees with nest materials in their beaks, patiently waiting for me or the kids to disappear. So different from the robins who, quite frankly, couldn't care less.

This summer we will be bird watching from the comfort of our back porch. You are more than welcome to join us. I may have to charge you a small fee. I do need to put gas in the car if I want to get food to feed my family.

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Unknown said...

That is one of the things I love about the country. We have a bird house in the back that the starlings take over. I get tickled when they attack birds much bigger then them. they even fussed at us when we would mow or work in our garden last year

Kmama said...

I truly hate birds, so you wouldn't find me sitting out back watching them or going to any sort of aviary where they were flying around me. I would seriously have a panic attack in an aviary. Ahh!!!

Amy said...

those birds are pretty. That sounds like an amazing plan. Enjoy.. have a great day..

Stacy Uncorked said...

How cool you'll be doing some amazing bird watching from your porch! The robin's nest is amazing - can't wait to see pictures of it full of eggs! :) Princess Nagger would LOVE that aviary - she loves birds of all kinds - second only to dinosaurs! :)

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