Kids never make things easy

Shopping with my kids is never an easy task. I rarely leave the store with anything for myself because I don't have enough time to actually look at anything. Most of my time is spent telling them to quit touching things.

This past weekend I found a task that is harder than shopping with my kids. It's shopping for my kids.

Last week the kids brought home their report cards. I am a very proud mama, so please excuse my momentary bragging. I'm not sure what I'm prouder of - the fact that GG brought home straight A's, or the fact that she finally got an O for outstanding in handwriting.

As far as I can see, Little Dude did equally as well. In Kindergarten, he doesn't get actual letter grades. His report card consists of PR for proficient and BA for basic. I equate this to A's and B's, with mostly PR's in key subjects like math.

As a special treat for their outstanding performance, I took them out to the toy store to pick out a special treat. I should have let Little Dude pick his treat first because he's the easy one - tools or trucks. But I went the "ladies first" route.

GG walked through at least 5 aisles with nothing striking her fancy. We moved on to video games, which we went through twice. She didn't see the game she really wanted. At this point my boy was getting just a tad impatient, so we moved onto his stuff.

First he found a weed whacker that lit up and made noise. Lovely. Then he spotted the construction aisle and we had to look, just in case he spotted the toy he really wanted. And he did - a remote control bulldozer.

I turned to GG to ask if she had made a decision regarding her choice. We walked through the video game aisle one more time. No dice. I told her we would buy her brother his toy and I would take her to another store who I knew had the game she wanted.

We walked to the front of the store, where I paid for her brother's purchase. Halfway between the register and the front door I turn to see GG walking, red faced, looking at the floor. She was trying not to cry so I asked her what was wrong. She had made her decision. Furious that she chose that moment to let me in on this, we turned to walk to the back of the store. She grabbed what she wanted and we walked back to the front of the store to pay for her purchase.

All in all, it was a 2 hour process. Kids never make things easy, but as long as they're happy in the end, it's what matters.

Now, could someone please tell me the point of Tech Decks?

Until next time....


Oka said...

Tech Decks is one of the few my kids have avoided.

I know this pain all to well. So much so, it is not unlike me to make them choose something they want before we even go to the store. They can browse the internet. Usually they have a clue anyway, but if I let them wander the store...UGH! They will change their minds 1000's times.

Unknown said...

TEch decks are for those kids who would never get on a skateboard or bike but like to pretend they can do all those things on them. My boys had OOODLES of them and only one actually skateboards.
Taking my youngest is like that, pulling teeth too many things that catch his eye..

Kmama said...

I swear kids were put on this planet only to test our patience. Buddy is much like GG in that respect.

Unknown said...

I'm sorry you had to deal with that. At this point I'm thankful that E is only three and will pick up just about anything to play with. He is a fan of just about anything Toy Story right now specifically Buzz Light Year. Hopefully he continues to be easy to please.

Unknown said...

I know this pain well too - with 4 it's quite an undertaking. So much so that instead of letting them pick out toys I have started buying them myself. You would think this would be easier but I spend so much time worrying over whether I'm buying something they will actually like. Congrats on the awesome grades. :)
Have a great week.

PythonKatie said...

Haven't had this problem yet with my kids. Hope I never do! Sorry it was a rough shopping trip. But way to go kids for such great marks!!