Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Spring is one of my favorite seasons. Flowers are blooming, the grass is growing and turner greener by the day. It is also the season where I can start sending the kids outside to play. Without bundling them up like Randy from Christmas Story.

The kids have had plenty of days where they can play outside. They have even had recess outside quite a bit. However, they still can't do the super important things. And by super important, I mean the activities we pay for.

The Spring Soccer season started in the beginning of April. By this point, both kids should have had 5 practices and 4 games. In reality, Little Dude has had no more than 1 practice and 1 game. GG hasn't had any practices yet, but she was able to get a game in.

So far, every Tuesday this month it has rained. It has gotten to the point that GG's coach doesn't say the word "cancelled" anymore when he calls each and every Tuesday. He now says "It's Tuesday so of course it's raining. I'll see you Saturday." I feel bad for the poor girl. She loves the sport and really wants to get out there and play.

As for Little Dude, I've come to realize that his coach is a wuss. It doesn't matter that he is fresh out of the army. He's a wuss! Some of his cancellations are legit - it really is raining. Last night? There was no reason for that. Yes, there was a chance of rain, but we all know how weather (wo)men are - only right 50% of the time! It never did rain. Suck it up man! Let's just hope Little Dude doesn't call him a wuss because I may or may not have said that statement aloud after the phone call.

This weekend is supposed to be nice. I'm thinking I should probably take some pictures of the kids playing. The way this season is going, who knows when I'll get the chance again!

Until next time....


Oka said...

We are in the same boat right now with soccer, but the calls are never the coaches calls. It is the complex's call. For us it's not just the rain, many complexes are flooding.

I heard on the news here yesterday, we had more ran in those last two days then we are supposed to have in April. Worse thing is, we have had several bouts they have delivered at least 1/2 of this weeks rain. UGHHHHHHH

Kmama said...

We've had a lot of rain too, but today the sun is shining!! Yay!

Last night was supposed to be Buddy's first t-ball practice, but it was canceled. Thank goodness this is his 3rd year of t-ball, because I have a feeling a lot of his practices will be canceled.

Cyndy Bush said...

I have to agree with you - WUSS! My kids' soccer coach - a female! - does not cancel practice unless it's pouring. Predicted storms, clouds, thunder, nothing deters her except lightning and/or pouring rain! You gotta love tough chicks.

Tina @ Life Without Pink said...

Oh wow really, I agree with you! So far we've only had two soccer games, its been raining every Saturday. But luckily they don't call it unless it is actually raining. That's spring sports for you!