I love you, but I don't always like you

Alternately titled: Kids say and do the darndest things

If you read my post the other day about how to survive life with a son, than you know that my own son can be a handful. I often tell people that if he was born first, and I knew then what I knew now, he would have been an only child!

Little Dude loves playing jokes on people. When he learned about April Fools Day, he was over the moon excited. All week leading up to the first, he tried playing jokes on anyone and everyone. The stunt that he pulled last night was a little late, but I think it was his best joke. With some help from me!

On April Fools Day, I couldn't think of anything to do to the kids. I'm always tempted to tell the husband I'm pregnant, but I could never get it out with a straight face.

For dinner that night, the husband and I decided on tacos. It occurred to me when browning the meat, that I should hide something in the kids' food. Finally, the bag of fake bugs my mom bought Little Dude a few years ago would come in handy! I think they suspected something, but my kids got a good laugh from fake roaches hidden in their tacos!

Last night Little Dude found the ultimate hiding spot for one of those bugs. He finally took my advice and plopped one in the husband's cup of juice. What would have made it better was if the boy wasn't telling him repeatedly to drink his juice, while chuckling.

This stunt prompted the husband to get in on the joke playing. He thought it was funny to stick one of those bugs on top of the faucet in the kitchen. All I wanted was a drink of water. I didn't find the joke quite as amusing as he did. I love my boys, but last night, I didn't like them too much!

It seems yesterday was a day for me to not like anyone in my family much. While standing in the kitchen, pre-bug, GG stopped and looked at me. She made a comment on my hair. I had my hair down and curly yesterday and this usually leads to comments from people since I don't do it very often. Up until last night, I thought I should wear my hair down more often because of the positive reaction I typically get. After what my lovely daughter said, from this day on, I declare every day ponytail day!

"Mom, in this light, the top of your hair looks gray."

*insert shocked and hurt stare from me*

"No, I didn't mean gray. It's silver and pretty."

Little girl, silver is no better than gray! I love you, but I don't like you very much at this moment.

Now where's my hair dye?!

Until next time...


Kmama said...

LOL at silver and pretty. Gotta love kids, huh?

Unknown said...

Nice try for the save. Kids can be brutal sometimes. :) Today is a new day.

Tina @ Life Without Pink said...

Kids are so funny! Yes silver is not a good thing when it comes to your hair :(

Amy said...

I am not a big one on jokes... I know I have to dye my hair too. Have a great Sunday..