Send some luck please

Before send out my plea for help, I do want to take a moment to point out that Girl Scouts is a great organization.

For the girls. Adults? Not so much!

GG has been in scouts for a few years now and she looks forward to each and every meeting. I have been a leader for almost 2 years now and I dread each and every meeting. The meetings with the girls as well as the leader meetings.

Tonight I get the pleasure of experiencing my very first sleepover as a leader.

Enter plea for help.....NOW!!!

Assuming we don't get lost, we should arrive a little after 6pm. From the time we arrive to 11pm, the schedule is packed. There will be ice skating, tie-dye shirt making, hot dog roasting and s'more making. I am looking forward to the activities. The other girls who will be there? I'm scared. The place where we are going can hold up to 600 people for these overnight trips. That's a lot of girls all between the ages of 5 and 9.

Enter plea number 2..... NOW!!!

At the end of the night, oh, say, around 11:15 a movie will be shown on the ceiling of the arena. I don't know who thought it was a good idea to show a movie this late a night, but whatever. The best part is, we all get to sleep on astroturf to watch the movie.

Enter plea number 3.... NOW!!!

Assuming we all make it through the night, we can all wake up bright eyes and bushy tailed at 7am for breakfast. I'm not sure if I ever mentioned this, but I am anything but a morning person. People who know me refuse to talk to me until I've had at least one cup of coffee. The people I am spending the night do not know this. It could get ugly!

You might think this sounds like a fantabulous time, and it sort of does. You might also think that GG and I can return home Saturday morning (they kick us out of there at 8) and sleep all day. This one you are wrong. Both of my kids have soccer games so we will be at the field from 10:30 to 12:30.

Enter plea number 4.... NOW!!!!

If I make it through the night, I fear I won't survive the morning. Please wish me luck and keep me in your thoughts during what could be a tough time.

Until next time (hopefully)....


Oka said...

I think if you let it, it will go much better than you are imagining. The girls will be at school all day, and kept busy. Many are going to fall asleep during the movie.

FYI, sleeping on the astroturf is much safer than a cot, just ask my softball coach, hehe

Kmama said...

Ooh. I think I might have planned in impromptu weekend getaway to get out of that one! Good luck!

Michelle said...

Good luck!

My son is a Boy Scout and you are so right, these things are great for the parents and torture for the parents!

Cyndy Bush said...

You go, Supermom! I hope it ends up being more fun and less headache.

Shell said...

Hope you made it through! :)